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Zentachain & Substrate Framework

Zentachain & Substrate Framework
About Substrate Framework
Substrate comes from Parity Technologies and is an open-source, expandable, and modular framework for building blockchains. It’s an important component of the Polkadot project. In order to efficiently build many different blockchains, Parity developers put all the functionalities needed to build a blockchain into a framework called Substrate.
Zenta Network will be developed with the Substrate Framework
Communication must be constantly brought up to date — we are talking about Zentalk. Zentalk is a highly secure hybrid encryption technology, decentralized, and a peer-to-peer messenger application. So Zentalk needs the Zentamesh network for the offline-to-offline communication, and the Zentamesh network needs the Zentanodes to stabilize the offline communication, whereby these are rewarded with ZENTA (CHAIN) with the reward consensus which is the solution. In short, we need to ensure that the Zentanodes are running permanently and Zentamesh network can be available for more decentralization and reach.
Forkless upgrade with Substrate for Zenta Network
Communication needs a forkless upgrade this is why Substrate allows us to customize the perfect blockchain for Zentalk, Zentameshnet, and many other products of Zentachain. To update Zenta Network we have to do is only upload a new version of Wasm blob through as a transaction.
In a PoS consensus network, a group of validators will form the new chain together. They will propose and vote on the next block, and the weight of each validator’s vote will depend on the size of their deposit. The key benefits of PoS include security, reduced centralization risk, and its energy efficiency. Validators have the goal of securing the Zenta Network and must keep following the rules of the network by always being ready to validate new blocks and of course not trying to cheat or attack the network. A rule violation is punished with punishment as slashing.
If the consensus algorithm detects a rule violation of a validator, it reduces or removes the staked tokens completely. The amount of the sanction depends on the severity of your misconduct. If we update or change anything of the Zenta Network, it is that a single party cannot do the update or changes. It is only required after approval by at least a majority of the parties or validators. From the next block, Zenta Network will use the new network logic as part of its updated runtime until a new version is needed again.
Substrate is very efficient and important for the Zentamesh Network
We would like to point out that if the network is not so strongly supported. What we can do is that with one forkless update we can ensure that more interest in the Zentanodes is achieved. Remember the Antminers, they are very expensive and not energy efficient. The level of difficulty of Bitcoin is not always the same, it is constantly increasing. Zentanodes will not have increasing difficulties, they will always have the same degree of difficulty, so they will be sold in limited quantities for every country.
Why Zentalk needs a blockchain?
Zentalk needs its blockchain so that we can ensure that people support us on the path of decentralized data storage and communication. Suppose we were to make them send messages as transactions through in the blockchain. There would be no sense in paying a transaction fee for each message in the blockchain. This is also the reason why many companies fail in communication of blockchain. The network support must come from outside the blockchain, not just the blockchan in itself. Thanks to the substrate framework we can save a lot of time and deliver our main vision definitively.
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ZENTA[Chain] Presents The Octopus of Products

ZENTA[Chain] Presents The Octopus of Products

What is the Zentachain Ecosystem?
ZENTACAHIN is a high-throughput decentralized blockchain based ecosystem, designed with a strong focus on security and anonymity. The ecosystem is capable of storing encrypted data and hosting scalable decentralized applications and distributed services. The Zentachain MVP will be built on the Ethereum blockchain and will utilize the ERC20 standard also called Zenta.
ZENTASWAP is a process by which one cryptocurrency is exchanged for another at a predetermined rate. Unlike selling one coin to buy another, a token swap is the replacement of one coin for another, so it means that you are required to exchange the old coin for the new one, or you will lose value.
Mainnet — DPOS
Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) is the democratic version of the Proof of Stake consensus algorithm as it includes a voting process. Token holders vote in real time for witnesses and delegates. Then, they become responsible for validating transactions and running their nodes continuously to maintain the blockchain.
Witnesses are paid for their role in generating and adding blocks to the blockchain. And, as in any democracy, they need a solid reputation to maintain their popularity with token owners. Delegates, on the other hand, are responsible for maintaining the blockchain. Since the voting process is continuous, any witness or delegate who has lost credibility can be voted out. This is because all witnesses and delegates are selected according to the best interests of the network.
Zentawallet Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet
ZENTAWALLET is a mobile wallet app that allows you to send, receive and store cryptocurrency tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Designed with a focus on simplicity, this open-source wallet aims to provide a platform that’s easy and straightforward to set up and use.
*Why you should use Zentawallet?
  1. We never access our users’ wallets
  2. We never ask for any personal information
  3. Because it is safe and reliable
  4. We focus on building simple to use, good-looking interfaces.
  5. A crypto wallet that is easy to operate
  6. An easy introduction to the world of cryptocurrencies
  7. Create multiple crypto wallets quickly and easily
  8. Everything is user-friendly: a password for all integrated cryptocurrencies
  9. You have full control because only you have the keys
  10. No email addresses, no mobile numbers or name are collected
  11. No access to sensitive information such as contacts or location
  12. Your IP address is always hidden
  13. Encryption
  14. Directly contact to the Zentachain member
Why Zentalk Mobile?
ZENTALK is a secured, decentralized peer-to-peer messenger dApp. Next to great usability, under the hood you’ll find state-of-the-art encryption, security and since it’s decent Zentachain guaranties full anonymity. All communication sent and received through Zentalk will be tunneled, pushed and dragged through a Zentamesh, a high performing MeshNet.This gives Zentalk the unique advantage that it’s virtually immune against any forms of hack- or modification events like censorship and eavesdropping attempts.
Zentalk will be hosted on the ZentaChain platform where the service is aiming to be the most secure and private messengers available. Zentalk achieves its privacy and security through the integration of Mesh Networking technologies. Mesh-Networking (MeshNet) is known as one of the safest and most reliable variations of networking available. MeshNet technology is powerful, has excellent load distribution and contains zero central administration.
Zentalk achieves technological darkness, this means no metadata can be discovered about its users or their messages. This is achieved through the integration of the MeshNet and its architecture. Zentalk pushes, drags, and tunnels all messages and data through the MeshNet. This insures that any messages shared between the sender and recipient have the highest levels of privacy.
The Zentalk-[Web Version]
Zentalk-Web is an E2E, encrypted cryptography chat application. Zentalk is designed to be completely private, secure and most importantly — censorship resistant. Unlike other messenger services, Zentalk doesn`t store or backup your data. It enables people to communicate privately without third party dependence centralized servers or secret data backups.
Zentalk achieves its top-tier encryption and privacy standards through the technologies. This gives Zentalk-web the unique advantage of being virtually immune against any forms of hacking or data manipulation.
The Zentadex?
ZENTADEX (Zentachain’s own decentralized exchange) is a cryptocurrency exchange which operates in a decentralized way, i.e., without a central authority or it is an exchange market that does not rely on a third-party service to hold the customer’s funds.
The Zentadex exchange relies on the fundamentals of blockchain for storing transactions over a peer to peer network. Unlike cryptocurrencies, the decentralized exchange has three types of entities (i.e. Issuer, Trader [User] and Miner). The network relies on issuing process ( Definition, issue, and withdrawal), orders (Open order and execution order) and blockchain.
The miner would verify the transaction for validity as well as match the execution orders and upon successful confirmation would generate a block using proof of work as followed by the Bitcoin protocol.
ZENTAVAULT is a high-throughput encrypted and distributed file vault (encrypted storage) and transfer service. Unlike regular data storage systems, Zentavault will store nothing on the user’s devices. Zentavault acts as an encryption delivery vehicle, with the ability to encrypt and dynamically distribute content securely onto the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). IPFS is a peer-to-peer distributed file system that seeks to connect all computing devices with the same system of files. In some ways, IPFS is similar to the World Wide Web, but IPFS could be seen as a single BitTorrent swarm, exchanging objects within one Git repository.
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Cyber attacks on your most trusted services

Cyber attacks on your most trusted services
Imagine, for a moment, being completely vulnerable; almost naked and exposed for the entire world to see. You trusted a popular and reliable service with your most intimate data. Only to pull up to your laptop to see the headline on your favorite news website, reporting of yet another cyber attack. This time reality hits you, its your data that has been breached! Cyber attacks are spreading like wildfire, this has become all to common in recent years. If only there were services that could guarantee to safeguard your data. Soon there will be...
In recent years, hackers have had multiple successes in breaching the most high-tech security protocols. Take for instance, in 2013 WhatsApp was taken by surprise when hackers discovered a backdoor in their chat application. According to researchers at CheckPoint, the flaws were found in security protocols such as protobuf2. These hackers entered WhatsApps group chats and altered individuals message content to create fake news.
Or perhaps, we should then take a look at another popular message chat application; SnapChat? In 2013, hackers retrieved and leaked the source code responsible for the security of the application. Posting it throughout social media including, Github. These bold hackers then contacted SnapChat via Twitter expecting a bug bounty for finding the security flaw. If the bounty was paid the hackers would take down the leaked code.
As if having your messages fondled through, unbeknownst to you by cyber fiends wasn't enough, your cloud storage services are just as vulnerable to these attacks. Take for instance, the latest cyber attack to be exposed in 2016, Dropbox. Not only did the hackers take Dropbox for 68 million user accounts personal information such as, email addresses and passwords, but then turned around and sold all the personal data on the dark web. The hackers currency of choice for this sensitive material was bitcoins, which in 2012 when the hack occurred was approximately 1,100 USD. The most notable and infamous of these heinous cloud storage hacks were the leaked nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence. In 2014, just a few days prior to the new upgrade of Apples IPhone 6, a security breach was discovered, users accounts and cloud backups were hacked. This sole hacker used phishing attacks through emails sent to users to get their passwords and obtain nude photos of celebrities. This obscene act taps into most users main fear, breach of privacy. You should never have any doubts when using a service to safeguard your most intimate content.
ZentaChain’s services are going to give you real peace of mind. We are dedicated to giving the basic right of privacy back to the consumer. If you don't want to wake up tomorrow and be the latest trending news story because you put your trust in a buzz worthy, name brand service, then don't. Stop choosing to put your intimate content in those and instead choose to safeguard your data with ZentaChain.
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