CampBX Reviews 2020 - Is It Safe To Use?

Campbx Bitcoin Trading Platform review thread

Please post reviews, complaints, and suggestions for others based on your experience using in this thread.
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Best place to turn $6000-$12000 cash into BTC?

What exchanges/sites do you guys recommend to purchase btc? I used to use Bitinstant and they were great but they're currently down so I'm looking for other options. Any ideas guys? Thanks!
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CampBX Stole My Bitcoins

I've been trading BTC off and on for the past two years. I used CampBX because I saw someone recommend it back in the day and being based in the US somehow made it feel less shady to me than the foreign alternatives. I've had a relatively good experience trading there but last month I decided to move my trading to an exchange with better volume. So I log in (with 2FA) and click the “Move Bitcoins” link and I'm greeted with the following text:
This account is under review and your outbound Bitcoin transfers have been temporarily disabled. Bitcoins Locked.
I submit a help desk ticket and get the following response:
Dear not_happy_camper, Your CampBX account is under review by our Compliance and Security department as we were unable to see any activity in your CampBX >account from past several months. We will work with the concerned department to complete this review ASAP. One of our team will get back to you shortly with an update.
Thank you, CampBX Support
I reply asking them to please explain the situation and remedy this ASAP. But they only respond with the same canned message again and again. I decided to give them one month to “unlock” my bitcoins before going public. They have not. I logged in today and noticed they have deleted all of my transaction history. Anyone have any ideas on a course of action I can take? I get the feeling I'm SOL.
tl;dr: CampBX won't let me move my Bitcoins out of their exchange and deleted my transaction history.
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What is best way to buy BTC in USA for now? Seriously.

I was thinking about btce after I heard a lot of bad reviews about Mr. Gox, but then I start hearing lot of bad things about btce as well. Is campbx and coinbase the best companies to do business with for now regarding bitcoins? Thank you in advance, guys!
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CampBX ist eine Plattform, auf der Sie Bitcoins in Echtzeit von anderen CampBX-Benutzern kaufen und verkaufen können. Ihre Kauf- oder Verkaufsaufträge werden mit einer parametrisierten Datenbank anderer Aufträge abgeglichen. Wenn eine perfekte Übereinstimmung gefunden wird, wird sofort ein Handel von Bitcoin zu USD ausgeführt. Learn from the reviews of other people who spent bitcoins at CampBX, and find other similar places that accept bitcoin. Ücretsiz tablet oyunları indir me yapmak ve hileli bir şekilde kullanmak artık basit.Bayan sohbet numara ara can sıkıntını kolaylıkla gider! Is safe and reliable? Read current user-experience and reviews of CampBX Bitcoin Trading Platform - Buy an ... The Webutation Security Check of is currently ... 92 reviews of - "DO NOT USE CampBX. I would give 0 stars if I could CampBX has been giving me the runaround for months now as I've tried to withdraw my BTC balance. I am "able" to perform withdrawls, but now only 0.1 BTC a day despite being promised multiple times that I would get an EDD audit that would increase my limit, and despite multiple follow up inquiries, no such audit has ... CampBX is also the first Bitcoin platform to bring advanced features like Margin Trading and Short-selling, and have several more innovative features in pipeline. There are no fees required to open a CampBX account. Write a review Add photo. 2.29 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 100 reviews: Description Update. A bitcoin currency exchange/trading platform site headquartered in USA - Atlanta, GA ...

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Therefore there are many regulated bitcoin exchanges operating in the US already such as CampBX, Kraken, Coinfloor, coinX, coinmarket, cryptsy and others. So then why is this a big deal? Well ... This just in: The long-standing bitcoin exchange CampBX announced its imminent closure. Funds must be withdrawn in the form of bitcoin by November 13 at 3pm EDT. Funds left on the exchange will be ... Trade bitcoin in your sleep, drop loss, scalping, big trades , small trades, all styles are possible with this bot. https:/... ★Real-time data from bitcoin exchanges such as Bitstamp, Bitfinex, Coinbase, BTC-E, Huobi, OKCoin, CampBX, Cryptsy and Kraken! ★Live candlestick charts (13 different time frames)! Guest: Keyur Mithawala Atlanta based Bitcoin Exchange site explains how his site works and services provided. Update on the situation r...