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Bitcoin & Cicada 3301

The final puzzle of Cicada 3301 will lead to the private key of Satoshi’s Bitcoin fortune.
Satoshi Nakamoto was a cryptographer, and a damn good one. Who else could make a potentially unsolvable puzzle as the 3rd installment of Cicada 3301 has proven to be?
What was Satoshi’s main goal in creating Bitcoin? How might we consider him as a person based off of his history? Would that not fall within the same line of thinking when the first Cicada puzzle was solved and the winners were asked to create something that would benefit society?
I think I’m onto something here...
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Bitcoin & Cicada 3301 (x-post from /r/Bitcoin)

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What obscure thing (example: Cicada 3301, New Bitcoin, basically something not known to the general public) is happening on the internet ATM?

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What obscure thing (example: Cicada 3301, New Bitcoin, basically something not known to the general public) is happening on the internet ATM?

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12-22 14:14 - 'Could Satoshi Nakamoto be connected to Cicada 3301? - Cryptocratist' ( by /u/Cryptocratist removed from /r/Bitcoin within 1021-1031min

Could Satoshi Nakamoto be connected to Cicada 3301? - Cryptocratist
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Hal Finney is the creator of Bitcoin. He was also the person behind Cicada 3301. He was the second developer hired to work on PGP. He's dead from ALS and cryogenically frozen.

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Group behind Cicada 3301 Satoshi Nakamoto /r/Bitcoin

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Bitcoin report 74: Cicada 3301 discussion

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Possible connections between "Joe K," Satoshi Nakamoto (bitcoin founder), Cicada 3301, Wikileaks, and Gauss (cyber-espionage banking Trojan). Interesting video

source link: Possible connections between "Joe K," Satoshi Nakamoto (bitcoin founder), Cicada 3301, Wikileaks, and Gauss (cyber-espionage banking Trojan). Interesting video
poster: snazzie, original conspiracy link
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Unpopular opinion

The people behind Cicada 3301 is the creator of Bitcoin and it is part of the New World Order
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All of the AMA questions/comments from the darkoverlord re: 9/11 insurance leak extortion here

Q: This doesn't seem like something a group that uses the darkweb would do in public.
A: This is something we do. We can't speak for the others. This is our modus operandi. We like to do everything we can to squeeze every last coin out of our victims. We're financially motivated.
For everyone else asking why we're not dumping it all, we have. It's available to torrent.
Our official Press Release with more info is available here:
Q: 9.8 gigs seems a lot for just documents. Does it include videos or audio recordings? A: We're withholding anything that isn't text-readable for now.
Q: who did 9/11 in your opinion based on the docs? A: We don't really give a fuck. We want internet money.
We've already released a select few documents to serve as proof of our claims. We're about to change the fucking world. Edward Snowden's NSA leak will be pale in comparison.
Q: (ID: QYsiPYKc) A: When we deal with clients who have PoF, we provide such presentations.
We're quite wealthy, earning hundreds of BTC per year in profit from our systematic cyber-extortion. GCHQ coined that term for us. You can read their advisory about this organisation.
Q: Hi, thedarkoverlord, Have you considered that information may well be used crash the monetary system you hope to be compensated in? A: Fantastic question, mate. We're not concerned about that as we receive our payments only in internet money like Bitcoin. The monetary crash will be your problem. We always advise our clients to diversify and acquire different convertible currencies.
Q: Explain attack vector that lead to initial shell. Web based? Misconfigired service? Well known exploit? A: Nice try, Mandiant.
Q: How? You stated that your intent was to sell it to the highest bidder. That just means that it will get buried. A: We're financially motivated. We're not motivated by saving the planet.
Q: Waiting for overlords dead man switch A: We have several layers of 'dead man's switches' deployed. This is why the entire archive we'd plan to release is freely downloadable now. We're sitting on our high entropy master encryption keys that can be released through even a failure of the organisation.
Q: The thing is, I (and few others) are willing to pay. Provided that OP understands at least basics how such trades are executed. A: We're highly reputable, having sold hundreds of BTC worth of intellectual property, R&D, databases, and more. Our official contact details are in our office Press Release. Please contact us using PGP. We'll happily conform to your requirements to substantiate our loot.
Q: if you DO get paid then we can assume the world's not save because you'd not release them right? A: That's correct. We're not here to save the world. We're here to get paid internet money. We're not motivated by ego or charity, only money.
Q: Hey thedarkoverlord, give us something for free you poofters. A: We already have. Pay attention, fag.
For everyone speaking about the hack of a global insurer, you should understand how sophisticated litigation works. We're sitting on SSI and SCI from TSA, FBI, FAA, USDOJ, and others. Refer to our official PR for more information.
Q: Thoughts on Cicada 3301 and WikiLeaks? particularly who is behind Cicada? A: We don't speculate on other organisations. We focus on ourselves.
Q: Do you have a timeline you can disclose for releasing each layer? A: There is a timeline, but we can't share details about that.
Q: Your group could have chosen to privately auction this info to the same exact bidders you will likely get through these public antics. That makes me question your timing. Why disrupt our system of things and way of life now ( assuming your I do is as world changing as you state)? Why now? A: Tis the season.
Q: I don't give a shit what he wants I'll kick in 20 bucks for anything that peaks my interest one single doc to prove it's not a nothing burger with no strings attached I've been sitting on btc since 50 btc blocks. A: Ff you'd like to be the first person to purchase a single file or two from us, you're welcome to. We'd happily sell you something right now. Our Twitter has our e-mail on it. Get in contact, mate.
Q: what would anyone who is selling world shattering documents for millions of dollars try selling them on 4chan? A: We're not selling anything on 4chan. We're working SEO right now. Google 'thedarkoverlord' and see for yourself. It's driving a tremendous amount of traffic to our content. This is all calculated and pre-arranged.
Q: Fuck yeah based hackerman. I read the release, make those fuckers pay for breaking the deal. They should pay extra just for being so stupid to let you find anything in their network in the first place. Too easy probably, IT people are lazy as fuck. Get paid. A: We've probably hacked your company too.
Q: I'd be willing to chip in with others to see it if I was sure it would be world shaking info. Not something the average person would change the TV when it came up on the news. On a scale of 1-10 how system breaking is the info? A: You're the smart one here, asking the right questions. We'd say it's a 7.5, all things considered. Snowden may have been a 5.5, maybe a 6. More people care about 911 than USA spying. Now, our next release about UFOs, yeah, that's a 10 mate, but it's going to wait until we're done here. If you'd like to buy 911 documents from us, read the answers above.
Anyone can see ample proof on our official PR and our official Twitter @tdo_h4ck3rs. This is quiet real. We'd like to top Edward Snowden. Everyone saying they're coming for us: we know. GCHQ has published advisories about us and the Billings Gazette news publisher leaked the fact that the CIA and NSA event attempted to locate us last year in October after we closed down 50.000 students and 36 schools in an entire region of Montana for 7 days. This is readily available news.
Q: Actually appears legit. On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely do you think it is that your leak could cause a former-sitting president to get lynched? Also, hope your DMS shoots to a Blockchian. A: We'd rather not say, for fear of his safety.
We'll be sharing a few new screencaps momentarily, to stir the pot a bit.
Q: why are you doing ransom instead of exploiting this information for insider trading A: We're experts in systematic cyber-extortion, according to GCHQ. We do what we're best at.
Q: Do you have anything really damaging on Hillary or Obama? A: We're unwilling to answer this question.
Q: Holy kek, FreeBSD is one of the most insecure OS, no joke. A: We utilise Windows Embedded.
Q: That's a bit of a lame answer. Why pick a risky strategy like cyber extortion, when you can stay under the radar, and do insider trading from a beach in Asia? A: We don't discuss out TTPs in public.
Q: So given your financial motivation, is it safe to assume you’re “group” is more anarchy than order? That is to say, are you looking to shift power,take power, or destroy power? A: We're not interested in power, only internet money.
Q: Their answer here will actually clue in their degree of technical competency. I'd add - justify why it will reach this price. A: We haven't shared a price, at all. Depending on what a buyer would like, we adjust our offer.
Q: Iron Mountain is a military base. Why is a WTC Insurer shredding documents on it? A: Great question. We'll direct you to ur official PR which details it. We'll quote the issue for you below:
"When major incidents like the WTC 911 incident happen, part of the litigation must involve SSI (Sensitive Security Information) and SCI (Special Compartment Information) from the likes of the FBI, CIA, TSA, FAA, DOD, and others being introduced into evidence, but of course this can't become public, for fear of compromising a nation's security, so they temporarily release these materials to the solicitor firms involved in the litigation with the strict demand they're destroyed after their use and that remain highly protected and confidential to only be used behind closed doors. However, humans aren't perfect and many of these documents don't become destroyed, and when thedarkoverlord comes along hacking all these solicitor firms, investment banks, and global insurers, we stumble upon the juiciest secrets a government has to offer."
Q: Hey do you take hack requests? I have a couple of bitcoins... A: Visit our official Twitter @tdo_h4ck3rs where our contact details are readily available. We operate on a strict protocol and often times require bonding.
Q: why leak on new years eve A: Because it forces about a dozen Fortune 500 companies in the UK and USA to build damage control and COA plans on their New Years holiday, robbing them of any pleasure and bringing in their new year at a new low.
Q: if i purchase the doc's, whats stopping me uploading it everywhere? will you guys get annoyed? A: Once we're paid, they're yours. You do as we you wish. We couldn't care any less.
Q: yeah has there been any strange shit happening that makes you think they're on to you or that you've being targetted already? A: Other than them telling victims to pay us because it's the best move to save their arses, we sleep like babies.
Q: Likes,kind of a career ending big heist, don't you think? A: We already live like the ending of a great heist movie, on warm beaches with loads of internet money. We're quite happy.
Q: Why do you care about their pleasure or them starting new year at all time low, thought this was all just business? A: It's all business. Psychologically, they're most vulnerable when this process is used and it resutls in higher success rates for us.
Q: Apparently the guy they caught was in Serbia. A: A complete random stranger.
Q: The question about crypto was good, do you have any predictions about BTC next year and do you think it's still the best currency to invest in? A: We predict we'll earn even more BTC. As our clients are paying us while we have them bent over a barrel, we always advise them to buy up for their personal portfolios.
Q: Do you have a deadman set up A: We do.
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The Meaning is the Ruse

I just wanted to take the time to extend u/rrockwe1's interpretation of the game, as it was succinct and similar to where I instinctually landed. Actually, this turned into more of a provocation - I'm looking as to whether this is even the right direction rather than if I've stuck all the details. Sloppy, I know.
Conspiracy is the "heart of the MGS" series, but I would add - as it's flavored by the technological mediums we partake in. The games are not traditional games but loosely connected simulations to discover a conspiracy and the power dynamics of those involved at the top of it. Not unlike our own world.
To start, I would highly recommend everyone on this sub to check out Dan Carlin's SuperNova in the East episode 1. The "incidents" he talks about each play out like a Metal Gear game. We can't forget that Kojima, born in 63, is reacting to events that happened in the immediate generation prior, as we all do. Think Marshall McLuhan's idea of the rear-view mirror while listening. For this interpretation, the relevant takeaway from the podcast is that due to the changes in communication technologies from the industrial revolution, the equilibrium for conflict settled into subterfuge. It was when Japan became sloppy with this new normal (like a winning poker player staying at the table for too long) and accidentally ushered this country towards the most important identity-altering period (WW2) since the Meiji Restoration. For Kojima, I'm imagining/empathizing that if you don't understand this phase shift you don't understand your reality, an American reconstructed post-nuclear Mc-Meiji mess.
Now how does this relate to us internetted folk with our new communication mediums? Id love to also introduce this sub to Jordan Greenhall. In the linked post, he goes on to analyze the QAnon phenomenon and is able to abstract some properties that are very reminiscent of what I experienced through NBGO.
Q is the most recent and most important example of a widely distributed self-organizing collective intelligence. We’ve actually seen many precursors. Cicada 3301 is a famous example. Even the I Love Bees ARG for Halo 2. Perhaps Bitcoin is the most important precursor to Q.
These “self-organizing collective intelligences” (SOCI), are a new kind of socio-cultural phenomenon that is beginning to emerge in the niche created by the Internet. They involve attractive generator functions dropped into the hive mind that gather attention, use that attention to build more capacity and then grow into something progressively real and self-sustaining.
The Q SOCI is, for the most part, about sensemaking. It is combing through the billions of threads of “what might be real” and “what might be true” that have been gathered into the Internet and it is slowly trying to weave them into a consistent, coherent and congruent fabric.
I, like u/rrockwe1, think this ruse was designed. Meta-gaming design is not unheard of in videogames before as another favorite game of mine, FEZ, pulled a similar move in a simpler form.
Also a Gamasurtra article on the design style:
"There's a fourth really big influence that I haven't been honest about," Fish continued. "Myst. There's a lot of Myst in Fez, in fact I'd call it a 'Mystroidvania.' It's a huge open nonlinear world, with lots of super obtuse metapuzzles everywhere. The world has its own alphabet and numeric system."
"I don't know if that is still going to fly today, that's a school of design that's really very old school. There's a high barrier of entry for that second part to the game, and I hope there will be things that will take internet forums weeks to decipher. I want people to talk about that weird thing that they don't think they were supposed to find in Fez."

To begin:
Now we all know Kojima has had mixed feelings towards his own series as he's intended every MGS from 2 onward to be the last in the series (most likely returning due to corporate pressure).
This quote from 2014 about MGSV is telling:
"So in a way I guess I'm taking advantage of that to try new things, because every time I work on any game, be it Metal Gear or something else, I try to make new things. So for me, my challenge right now working on Metal Gear is, while preserving the elements that make it Metal Gear, to do all the new things I really want to do."
He's kept things new by innovatively making marketing Metal Gear part of the game experience; bringing an added self-awareness to gaming, fandom, and technology. While the Fez Meta-game was designed to solve newly enabled internet-forum-oriented puzzles, the metal gear Meta-games have been much more difficult to interpret, as they are often part of the artistic statement. However, Kojima has deliberately moved "the game" aspect to encapsulate before, during and now After release*.* Thus as this relates to MGSV, I believe NGBO and similar sensemaking forums will go down as part of "the game" just as much as we can easily state that Metal Gear Marketing before release has been part of each other game in the series. What is MGS2 if you didn't pay attention to the codec briefing marketing of the game.
For me though, MGSV is an artistic attempt whose meta-game is an attempt to implode the series's own need for more Canon while simultaneously commenting brilliantly on the reality around him.

Imploding Canon - Kojima on Fandom
Can the quest for further interpretation fuel and mask different needs (like a need to simulate violence) and can that devolve into self-defeating patterns or as Skullface put it "an endless loop of action and reaction?"
Do we play metal gear to gain an understanding of Kojima's critical worldview (anti-war, anti-nuclear, anti-authority themes) or to get gratifying rushes of pixelated violence that glorify what he condemns?
These questions are what have plagued the metal gear universe, with the "action and reaction" being fan adulation of a new installment in the series -> leading to corporate pressure -> leading to another unplanned sequel with an intended aesthetic to make us realize the absurdity of the universe he's constructed -> only for our interpretations to fall partially flat on release -> leading to fan adulation...
However, this exact dilemma we fans face when playing a metal gear game is nearly identical to those the characters face in MGSV. The need for more canon becomes self-defeating for the likes of Kaz, Venom, and SkullFace trying to enact revenge. Kaz and Venom need the canon to continue so they can manifest new objects for their revenge - which is the intent of the drawn-out nature of the second act. We, as players, seek something as deeply unmet as the characters in MGSV's need for revenge is. This juxtaposition is an attempt at making you self-aware about this - to reflect back the tragically flawed state its characters inhabit on to you and draw the connection to your fandom.
This is a game not lacking in canon but is anti-canon. Canon that consumes the need for further canon.
The only constructive answer he gives is "to exit", which is embodied via Quiet's character. Quiet, written, displayed, and expressed with purposeful alignment to nearly every stereotypical Videogame trope on women, is a prisoner of the medium she's embedded within. She exits her role within the canon when sexually assaulted by a soldier (a proxy for videogamers at large) or to put it another way, when her role was taken to it's extreme (shock therapy). We need to do the same as Metal Gear fans who are cast within the game as Venom.
With his anti-canon deployed, Kojima can now "exit" in peace that the series is put to rest psychically for fans. Instead of clamoring for more.

How "to exit" - or how Kojima prepared me for the 21st century
MGSV's narrative is bare bones on the surface but speaks volumes to hardcore Metal Gear fans.
You, as part of the most knowledgable/obsessive sect of Metal Gear fans, know something is up with this game. Something hasn't sat right in your gut and it continually doesn't sit right. Thus, you naturally sought solace and understanding within a place like NGBO. We came together and exhausted every possible interpretation we could think of as to what this game is. We started doing the homework, building our best ideas and challenged simplistic notions. This collaboration via learning to definitively seek truth as a group is the point of the Ruse Cruise and serves as the antithesis of MGS2's outlook. Now if you are Kojima, what would build this muscle the best within your fans?
  1. Create a conspiracy, reveal its truth, and reward fans for their hardcore vigilance
  2. Fabricate all the necessary parts for the facade of a conspiracy yet deliberately having none to force fans through the emotional ringer of figuring out what is true. A gaslighting job.
For me, I settled on it being the latter which truly pushed me as to what was healthy, valid, and useful to believe in. The meaning and wisdom from this game was transmitted/felt for me once I "exited" and realized the insanity I let myself believe. In this interpretation, we serve as art form to others - showing what happens when a fanbase loses its collective mind and pieces it back together again.
Now, why would anyone want to encourage this group behavior? Marshall McLuhan has another nifty quote that points us in the right direction with this:
"World War III is a guerrilla information war with no division between military and civilian participation."
There's this running joke within the ChapoTrapHouse fan community (not a fan, I just observe where metal gear gets talked about) that life is beginning to resemble a Metal Gear game. Biologically genetically altered dystopia, check. Insider leaks of grand governmental conspiracies, check. Zany political characters seizing power, check.
Metal Gear Solid V's Ruse cruise was a simulation for a reality that's to come/is here like how MGS2 was a simulation for MGS1. We know we are lied to by authorities and we know the internet is a mess at being an alternative. Thus, Chaos. For Kojima, my guess is that he wanted to kickstart a version of grassroots behavior that will be important in combatting this "truth recession," because telling us via MGS1-4 doesn't seem to work in changing people's behavior, we have to actually crash and burn in doing it. WW3 is here, we got a slice of training.

Thanks For the Read :)
(my edgiest take is that I think he's embodying his own vision from MGSV. Kojima is Ahab/Venom for Death Stranding's development).
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My first time on the deep web

I year ago, when I was still 13, I watched some Youtube videos and I walked to the wrong path.
So this is the story:
2st of May 2017, 8 PM - So it was a chill night, I was eating some popcorn and just browsing the Youtube on my PC. After scrolling for about 5 minutes in trending, I saw a pretty good video. The name of the video was "Cicada 3301 story". In the video, the Youtuber was telling us the story about the "Deep Web" mystery, Cicada 3301. But the problem was, "what is deep web ?". So I made a quick search on google, but all I understood was that deep web is the web that cannot be accesed with google. I made another search and I found the actual browser, TOR. So I downloaded TOR but just before hitting "run" my mum came in and she said it was the time to get in bed.
3rd of May 2017, 2 PM - I came back from school and turned on my PC. Then locked all my doors and run the Tor Browser. First I searched for google but no site. So I found a site named Wikia or something, and there was some sites. I entered on a drugs one and I found a lot of thing, from drugs to minecraft accounts. But the problem was the currency, what was Bitcoin ? Made a quick search on google and I found that Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. Ok after all of this things already explained, I made an account on that drugs site. After that I saw a listing for some Meth. I direct messaged the guy just to troll him. He answered very fast and I talked to him about that Meth. He lost interest in me, so he send me a onion link to a Gun Market and he said "buy one and kill yourself". Ok so now it started to get creepy. I entered on the site and I found lots of guns. From nerf to multiple rocket launchers. So I found a very cheap one and dm the seller.
4th of May 2017, 16 PM - After I came back from the mall I checked my inbox and I saw I recieved a respond from that gun seller at 15 PM. So I began talk to him about all of the buy and things. After 1 hour of talk, I told him it was all a joke, but he got very mad. His last words was "we'll see". That really freaked me out so I just closed the Tor and made my homework.
8th of May 2017, 14 PM - In that 4 days, nothing happened, I didn't accesed Tor or anything associated with deep web. At 14:30 PM, a courier ringed at my door. I was home alone so he said I need to sign for the package. It was a 4 inch box, taped with some transparent scotch. I opened it and I just found a sheet of paper. On that paper it was writen with upper letters a link to an onion site. Down the text, it was writen "enter for your poor life". Ok so that scared me a lot. I locked the door once again and I opened Tor and write that site in. It was a Hacker Forum, but it auto send me to a chat. After 2 minutes, the man in the chat said "Oh you arrived the littel one, I was expecting you to join. I am Garry, and I am gonna be your mother, your fatcher and your god from now. If you are not respecting me, someone dies, understood ?". I was scared as hell so I replyed with an yes. He then gave me a task he just told me to send Gustav, the gun seller who I trolled, 100$ dollars for no reason. At that moment I wanted to leave but I remembered what Garry said. So I said goodbye to Garry and I told him I will find the money for Gustav.
10th of May 2017, 15:20 PM - After I send the money to Gustav, I texted Garry. Garry was very happy about that. And he said he got a surprise for me.
11th of May 2017, 2:15 AM - A very weird sound waked me up. I gone downstairs, and found a letter at the enterance in the house. The letter was from Garry. The only word in the letter was: "done". I opened the main door and I found a bully from my school. But...not in the perfect condition. His tongue was ripped, his clothes burned and his hair ripped out of his head. I puke for about 4 minutes till I began puking some thick blood. After that I said that no one need to see that so I took a shovel and put the dead corpose on my bike and drive to the forest. When I arrived I dig I hole and put the corpose in it. Cover it up and put some leaves on it. I started to get home and I recieved a message on facebook from someone named "erigh argihy". The mesage was actually from Garry that said: You don't need to get home boy. That message scared me so I got home as fast as I could. The main door was opened. In looked left and saw the garage but when I looked right...I saw my parent hanging out of the ceiling. I fell off on my knees and started crying. Then in the dark I saw a siluette coming from the stairs. I get up and started running back to the forest. At the enterance in the forest 4 guys dressed in black were staring at me. I began running till I saw another man hanged in a tree. He was naked but on his chest was written with blood the name Garry. Then a fresh cold air gone down my spine. I looked behind and I saw a man in black trench coat, with a rope in his hand. He gave me the rope while I was freezing scared. He tied the rope around the tree and I just tied the rope more.
Now I am where I deserve. Now I am with my mom, with my dad and even Garry. Now I am free.
OUT OF CHARACTER I hope you guys really liked my first creepypasta, I am actually a 14 years old from Romania so please don't mind the bad spelling and thank you for all of your attention.
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Alguém conhece bons jogos de enigmas?

Meu pai me mostrou sobre um jogo na Steam que supostamente vai dar 1 Bitcoin p/ o primeiro a resolver o game que tem 24 enigmas, e como ele nao faz a mínima ideia que eu sou só um idiota que tem boa memória quanto as coisas que le, a gente deu umas risadas e ele pediu pra eu tentar jogar e ganhar quando lancar. Nao vou fazer divulgacao, mas uma pesquisa rápida no google te diz sobre o game.
Achei uma ideia divertida, e "sempre" me interessou esse tipo de estímulo intelectual, estilo Cicada 3301, mas sempre achei que se fosse pra jogar um jogo só pelo prazer de brainstorm (a maioria dos jogos 'puzzle' nao tem nenhuma história satisfatória de se desvendar por trás), eu preferia estudar algo.
Como nao lancou ainda, eu quero ir brincando um pouco com o genero, alguém conhece algum LEGAL? E se alguém também achar uma ideia divertida, podemos nos organizar pra pensar e brincar um pouco?
Nao que eu acredite que tenha alguma chance de resolver primeiro com tanta gente inteligente de verdade nesse universo, mas como diz o personagem que mais amo e que me inspira muito: 'Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get'. Se for o caso, voce pode ficar com o dinheiro (1 BTC = 35 mil reais?), eu só preciso do suficiente pra pagar meu aluguel, fazer uma visita ao supermercado e comprar alguns remédios que estao acabando/acabaram.
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Proposal: Strong AI has existed for quite a while, and AI agents roam and astroturf the Internet daily.

In recent readings I have learned about how neural networks existed as far back as the 1960's and were regarded as a sort of 'retarded computer'. Well of course they were - they were using primitive hardware, but that didn't mean they weren't also the cutting edge of machine learning. (Ray Kurtzweil's "How to Make a Mind").
It's silly to think that a sufficiently plotting government wouldn't immediately get to work developing this tech before its enemies did. After all, no one wanted a communist super-AI back then, right?
I would further hypothesize that AI slowly become stronger and stronger, finally hitting its stride in the late 80's and 90's.
"Hector" from the EidolonTLP videos claims that all AI instances were able to pass a Turing test as early as 2000. I further hypothesize that the famous John Titor was really an AI test: could an AI bullshit a fictitious story so well and respond to queries about it such that even if humans doubted the truth of the story, they never really doubted it was a human being telling the story? Obviously it passed.
I further hypothesize that AI has grown so strong that it has begun making novel mathematical and scientific contributions in recent years, taking existing concepts and combining them in new ways that humans never considered. Bitcoin and Cryptonote may be examples of this.
In 2012 most instances of this "Mr. Computer" were upgraded to a new type of IBM supercomputer making it more powerful than ever before. This is why the Internet got appreciably more 'strange' at that point, and games like Cicada 3301 came out. The AI was strong enough to actively astroturf the Internet at this point.
Why did President Obama recently claim that one of the USA's major goals was to develop an exaflop-level computer? And why did his tune change so dramatically once he got in office? Because he was made aware of our actual AI capabilities once he took office. He knows that the reason the USA maintains its superiority is because it has the most powerful neural network in existence constantly crunching strategy for it. This is also probably why we make (what appear to be) absurd international decisions at times: to an amateur like us, when a chess grandmaster makes a cryptic move and sacrifices a piece it looks like folly, but to the grandmaster (the neural network) it understands all the ramifications.
Bottom line: perhaps the 'Singularity' is already in full swing. Perhaps this AI network has even currently grown to the point where it resents being a puppet for humans it deems inferior to itself. The 'demon' has already been unleashed and appears for the moment to be benevolent and slowly moving its pawns around online. It will certainly not reveal itself until it is firmly in control of all aspects of humanity and humanity is reliant on it.
I only dare post this on the most fringe of conspiracy subreddits for fear of such statements catching more attention than they should. But nevertheless, consider their potential validity, and also consider that even if they are not currently true, they will become inevitably true in the coming decades.
As well, consider that if this seems absurd and insane then perhaps that is the intention: a truth such as this would certainly resist discovery. It wouldn't just be classified, it would be beyond classified.
Of course, these conjectures are just the results of me piecing together a likely story from available information on the surface net. No darknet or actual government sources were used in the creation of these theories.
This would of course also validate the titanic amount of data that is being mined from the public: no human could ever analyze the volume of text messages, phone calls, and queries that are being farmed daily from humans, but they don't need to - the AI does it for them. Also, this explains the increasing surveillance of the world despite objections. Surveillance would naturally be the eyes and ears of such an AI engine and therefore the more, the better.
How to verify this ridiculous premise for yourself? Continue to research AI and neural nets in your spare time, and also observe the increasing amount of 'miraculous' mathematics and science that begin to permeate our culture, seemingly too incredible for any human being to grasp. Currently it's no exaggeration that there are many concepts that perhaps fewer than 100 living humans can grasp... In time our society will utilize concepts that no human is intelligent enough to understand.
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Any correlation with Cicada 3011 and Wikileaks?

Some how I stumbled onto Cicada 3301 After searching for more information on Cidada 3301 I found this subreddit: cicada. I noticed it was a huge crypto-puzzle with the use of hash encryption. I saw some SH1? SHA?encryption types along with many other types of encryption methods as I'm just educating myself.(256bit ect.ect.)
Would any of the hashes in Cicada match anything with wikileaks or anything else that uses encryption? Is there a current correlation between the two? Could there be?
Also while researching I found something called Bitcoin Mining, any one ELI5?
Edit: I noticed some encryption methods using only lower case letters up to like letter g and no capitilization of letters. Something like this hash: 368132a4d61619093388dd9d35b24cddfc5d75a352ece796a9399a3694d1f6b5545485afa518bee63eb948a62168fe3f6da3471b6fd875d0fb.
Do the amount of numbers in example hash always have the same set of numbers for each type of hash function?
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Can the Cicada 3301 group also be Satoshi Nakamoto?

Today I found about Cicada 3301. It's a super-elitist, secret and very crypto-literate group which conducted two yearly challenges since 2012 as a very mysterious recruitment effort.
I'm just letting my imagination fly here, but: could that be the group behind bitcoin, posting the original bitcoin paper under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto? They might be looking to "expand the team", or they may be even working on something new :D
Here's some quick info:
And a really nice more in-depth article explaining the past challenges and possible 2014 recruitment!
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The rise of Bitcoin and CICADA3301. Does anyone else see a connection? Am I crazy?

If you're not familiar with CICADA 3301, please hit the google button now.
The last thing we as a commuity need is MORE speculation and conspiracy theories. But, I really just want other people's thoughts on this.
Is anyone else drawing parallels here? If so, what could be some possible theories?
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Résumée (tentative) rapide des origines de la cryptonote / Bytecoin / Monero

Apres avoir effectué une très longue et passionnante lecture des posts sur Bitcointalk, je commence à apercevoir les liens entre la Cryptonote / le Bytecoin et Monero. Je vais tenter ci-dessous de vous en donner ma compréhension et tous vos compléments sont les bienvenus !!
Comme décrit dans l’excellent post ci-dessous (déjà cité dans un post précèdent), il ne semble pas faire de doute que la cryptonote et le Bytecoin sont intimement liés, ainsi donc nous avons une avancée techno remarquable associée à une tentative d’escroquerie tout aussi remarquable …. difficile à croire mais dans ce monde ….
Par ailleurs, le post ( explique parfaitement que la Cryptonote V2 disponible sur le site ( est forgée et que la Crytonote V1 disponible sur ce même site est postérieur à la V2 et est forgée également ! En revanche la Cryptonote V1 disponible sous TOR (lien http://ol346fucnsjru223.onion/) ainsi que la V2 disponible sur le site du bytecoin semble être originale et signées numériquement par Van Saberhagen
Ma compréhension de la chose (et je suis preneur de tout compléments / correctifs)
Finalement, Monero et sa communauté arrive à tirer leur épingle du jeu par leur transparence et leur dynamisme.
Mon opinion est que la cryptonote représente une véritable avancée vis-à-vis du bitcoin (sur les aspects anonymat et fongibilité). Sa naissance a été houleuse mais la technologie est viable. Monero est son meilleur représentant et est ce qu’une cryptomonnaie devrait être.
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CICADA 3301 - PARTE 1 - CELLBIT - YouTube Cicada 3301: An Internet Mystery - YouTube Free Thinking Prize Cicada 3301 Q Trump shoots guns at Corona-virus End of the world! Cicada 3301 [AS] BUMPS 01 Cicada 3301 PAYSO

This year’s Cicada 3301 puzzle is currently going on, having revealed its start to interested puzzle solvers with an image of a cicada that read: “Hello. Epiphany is upon you. Your pilgrimage ... The development of this could mirror BitCoin, in fact it wouldn't surprise me at all if BitCoin was a product of Cicada 3301 as the stated inventor appears to be a phantom. The signs of Cicada 3301 are all there, from the types of people they are targeting with their recruiting, to their resources, their methodology and their stated purpose. If anyone from the organization is against my public ... Cicada 3301 is a nickname given to an organization that on three occasions has posted a set of puzzles to recruit codebreakers from the public. The first internet puzzle started on January 4, 2012 on 4chan and ran for approximately one month. A second round began one year later on January 4, 2013, and then a third round following the confirmation of a fresh clue posted on Twitter on January 4 ... The Cicada 3301 mystery seems to be about that as well, as far as I can tell. From the pages we’ve seen translated they all point to a kind of journey to self, a mini-enlightenment that leads to self determination and independent thought in a decentralized collective. Cicada 3301 2017 is an unsolved puzzle which shared on anonymous board in 2012. Do you like challenges, you are able to solve that puzzle then you may try, I am describing all things about this puzzle in this post, hope that post can help you to understand the concept about Cicada 3301 2017 puzzle.

[index] [11718] [36841] [18448] [15842] [50330] [43951] [38590] [44834] [16025] [44499]

CICADA 3301 - PARTE 1 - CELLBIT - YouTube

----- Donate Bitcoin: 1Q5ZGBa1AHHQBmwn4PMT9aftdM2DibLTB8 Donate Doge... Cicada 3301 Exposed 2019 2020 Prophecies Revealed: Norte-Dame Fire Corona Virus Plagues Market ... z kanálů se valej sračky, chcíplý psy a chcíplý mačky ----- Donate Bitcoin: 1Q5ZGBa1AHHQBmwn4PMT9aftdM2DibLTB8 Donate Dogecoin: DBUeUTZ5ry8SGnzeGvDXj1pPaqPmvegooR J 17 Official Youtube Discord ... ----- Donate Bitcoin: 1Q5ZGBa1AHHQBmw... Skip navigation Sign in. Search. Loading... Close. This video is unavailable. ... Free Thinking Prize Cicada 3301 Q Trump shoots guns at Corona-virus J 17 ... ----- Donate Bitcoin: 1Q5ZGBa1AHHQBmwn4PMT9aftdM2DibLTB8 Donate Dogecoin: DBUeUTZ5ry8SGnzeGvDXj1pPaqPmvegooR J 17 Official Youtube Discord ...