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Smartmining.cc Review: 2%-4% daily for 60-180 days with principal included

Smartmining.cc is a high yield investment project whose theme is for cloud mining. It provides long term deposit plans, and started on 03rd Jun 2020. You can earn 2%-4% daily for 60–180 days with principal included. Admin bought listing on my website yesterday, and my first withdrawal request was already received two hours ago. Now let me introduce it in details.
Started: 2020–06–03
My deposit: $200
The amount of 200 USD has been withdrawn from your account. Accounts: U3869878->U24795174. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. . Date: 06:31 06.07.20. Batch: 322597842
Investment Plans
Minimal amount for deposit is: Bitcoin 0.001, Litecoin 0.1, Dogecoin 1000, Dash 0.05, Ethereum 0.01, Ethereum Classic 0.5, Bitcoin Cash 0.01, Zcash 0.05, Ripple 10, USD Cash 1, Tether 1 and Dollar 1. Your daily profit will be 2%-4% according to your deposit amount. The more GH/s you purchase, the higher level your account will reach. With each increase in the LEVEL account, your daily profit increase. What’s more, your daily profit increases by + 0.02% for each day without withdrawal, but I suggest you to withdraw profit every day until you get back 100% initial deposits. You can see details below:
(1) 0–999 GH/s, 2% daily profit
(2) 1000–2999 GH/s, 2.1% daily profit
(3) 3000–5999 GH/s, 2.2% daily profit
(4) 6000–9999 GH/s, 2.3% daily profit
(5) 10000–19999 GH/s, 2.4% daily profit
(6) 20000–29999 GH/s, 2.5% daily profit
(7) 30000–99999 GH/s, 2.6% daily profit
(8) 100000–199999 GH/s, 2.8% daily profit
(9) 200000–999999 GH/s, 3% daily profit
(10) 100000–2999999 GH/s, 3.5% daily profit
(11) 3000000 GH/s, 4% daily profit
Deposit works according to the selected contract, and the contract is from 60 to 180 days. You should deposit money into your balance first, and then buy Hash with the money on your balance. Your initial deposit is already in your daily profit, so principal will not be returned in the end.
For example, I buy GH/s with $200, and choose the 60 day contract. My daily profit will be 2.5% for 60 days. At the end of investment term, I will get back $300 totally($100 profit with $200 initial deposits).
But there is one things you should know that you must choose which ecurrency you want to mining, or we can say like this, which ecurrency you want your daily profit to be paid to. For example, if you want your daily profit to be paid through BTC, then you should turn off all other ecurrency mining process and only leave BTC mining. You can see the mining choice on the “Mining” page of their website.
Promotional Rewards(7%-2%)
For promoters, Smartmining.cc has developed a profitable partner program, which has two levels. First level is 7%, and second level is 2%. Unlike most HYIP projects, promoters can configure refback for your referrals on the page “Partners”. I already set 100% RCB for my direct active investors. Welcome to join under my team.
Payment Options
PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, Ripple, Dash, Zcash, Tether, Dogecoin and USD Cash.
Withdrawal Type
The request for withdrawal is processed within an hour but no more than 48 hours. Minimal amount for withdrawal is: Bitcoin 0.001, Litecoin 0.1, Dogecoin 1000, Dash 0.05, Ethereum 0.01, Ethereum Classic 0.5, Bitcoin Cash 0.01, Zcash 0.05, Ripple 10, USD Cash 1, Tether 1, Dollar 1
Whois Details
Domain Time: 2020/05/25–2020/05/25
IP Address: 2020–05–25104.27.188.23–574 other sites hosted on this server
IP Location: Texas — Dallas — Cloudflare Inc.
ASN: AS13335 CLOUDFLARENET, US (registered Jul 14, 2010)
Smartmining.cc designs an original template for its website, and it now supports 10 languages. So you can choose your native language at their top menu. Recent deposits and withdrawals are shown at the bottom part of their website, you can refer to the data according to your own experience. In my view, the profit Smartmining.cc provides is in normal range, and the referral system also designs in a reasonale mechanism. So, any investor who is interested can take part in with their spare money.
At the right side bottom of their website, you can find a group chat widget. Click it, and you can communicate with other investors online. If you still have other questions, you can contact admin through the info below.
Contact Info
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: https://twitter.com/smart_minig
Register: https://smartmining.cc/partnehyiper
More: https://www.hyiper.net/blog/185.html
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Americangas.biz Review: 2.1% daily for 21 days and principal back

Hello, HYIP investors. In this article, I will introduce Americangas.biz which provides medium and long term deposit plans. Admin bought Standard listing on my website yesterday, and my withdrawal request was processed into PerfectMoney wallet successfully several minutes ago. Now let me introduce it to you.
Started: 07th Feb 2020
My deposit: $250
The amount of 250 USD has been withdrawn from your account. Accounts: U3869878->U21973305. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Replenishment of an account through PerfectMoney user hyiper on 250.00 USD.. Date: 08:27 14.03.20. Batch: 307098621
Investment Plans
(1) Deposit 10–2000 dollars, earn 2.1% daily for 20 days and principal back
(2) Deposit 1000–3500 dollars, earn 2.7% daily for 36 days and principal back
(3) Deposit 3000–9000 dollars, earn 3.6% daily for 60 days and principal back
These are all the plans Americangas.biz provides. The shortest time for you to break even just needs 20 days. Let me take the first plan for example, if you deposit $100, then you can earn $2.1 daily and you can withdraw the profits anytime you want. After 20 days, your profits will be $42 totally, with initial deposits back to your balance. For my part, I only suggest you to choose the first plan and only invest with your spare money if you are interested in it. Remember that never invest what you can’t afford to lose in any HYIP project.
Referral Commissions
Americangas.biz offers a 3-tier referral system. For promoters, they can earn 5%, 3% and 1% from three level members. If you join under my link, then welcome to submit RCB request within 24 hours after your investment. I will give 5% of your deposit amount back to your wallet.
To promote and earn referral commissions, you don’t need to be an active investor yourself. You just need to spread referral link in any available ways to you.
Payment Options
Americangas.biz accepts PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.
Withdrawal Type
All withdrawal requests will be processed within 24 hours and the minimum withdrawal amount is $0.2.
More Information
Americangas.biz designs an original template for its website, and it supports four languages currently. You can find the latest four deposits and withdrawals on their homepage.
So, what’s your opinion? Do you think Americangas.biz is a good program? Welcome to leave your comments below.
Register: https://americangas.biz/?ref=hyiper
Read More: https://hyiper.net/blog/147.html
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CoinMagic.cc reviews scam or legit+Proof of withdrawal

About Coinmagic.cc Coinmagic.cc – Unique platform for the cashing of such cryptocurrency as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Etherium, Bitcoin Gold, DollarEarn from 2% to 4% per day earning any of the presented cryptocurrencies.
Coinmagic.cc Get a bonus at the registration of 100 GH/S and start mining! Invite your partners and get excellent referral accruals of 10% and 4%of the power purchased by a partner, as well you will receive 5 GH/S for each partner who passed the registration.
Click Here To Join Basic Information Min Investment Bitcoin 0.001, Litecoin 0.1, Dogecoin 1000, Etherium 0.003, Bitcoin Gold 0.1, Dollar 1
Min Withdraw Bitcoin 0.001, Litecoin 0.1, Dogecoin 1000, Etherium 0.003, Bitcoin Gold 0.1, Dollar 1 Avg. Refer Rate 2 Level Refer System 10%-4% Payment Type Instantly Company Type Hyip Web I.P Company Address U.K Company No Not Found Payment Accepted Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Gold, Payeer, PerfectMoney Links Homepage Investment Plan Of Coinmagic.cc $ 0 – $ 2.99 – 2% 3 $ – $ 5.99 – 2.1% 6 $ – $ 19.99 – 2.2% $ 20 – $ 49.99 – 2.3% $ 50 – $ 99.99 – 2.4% $ 100 – 299.99 $ – 2.5% 300 $ – 599.99 $ – 2.6% 600 $ – 1199.99 $ – 2.8% $ 1200 – 2499.99 $ – 3% $ 2500 – 4999.99 $ – 3.5% $ 5000 – 4%
Complete Review Of Coinmagic.cc Access to the account can be blocked for several reasons: the creation of several accounts to increase the profit, the involvement of inactive partners with SEO and other third-party programs, insulting the participants or the administration of the project.
The request for withdrawal is processed within an hour but no more than 48 hours.You will earn from 60% to 120% per month, depending on the size of your investment.For enrollment of the deposits in Bitcoin you need to wait for the 1st confirmation in the network. Deposits in other currencies are credited within 1 hour.
Special Features Of Coinmagic.cc Professional Team They are team of professional traders in Forex & Crypto Exchange and Coins trading and Crypto Mining who know how to grab the profit end of the day.
DDOS Protection They are using one of most experienced , professional and trusted DDoS Protection and mitigation provider.
Instant Withdrawals Get your payment instantly as soon as you request it! Minimum withdrawal is no Limit There is no fee for withdrawals of hourly interest.
24/7 Customer Support Coinmagic.cc provide 24/7 customer support through e-mail. The support representatives are always available to answer any questions.
Click Here To Join This article is writing on 10 Nov 2018 based on information available online & news portal. If you feel it’s outdated or incorrect, please write here to update it. Mail us: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) Or Whatsapp Us- +13098896258 Disclaimer: Not all the websites Which listed in Top List are 100% safe to use or investment. We do not promote any of those. Due diligence is your own responsibility. You should never make an investment in an online program with money you aren’t prepared to lose. Make sure to research the website. So Please take care of your investments. and be on the safe site and avoid much losing online.
Click Here To Join
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Tempted to join inspirationcoins?

Let’s take a closer look at the site inspirationcoins.io.
Firstly: is this a scam? Yes, of course it is but every site of this type goes scam at a certain moment, the question is when? And remember, December is not the best of times of the year to start investing.
I first found reference to this site on a discord channel where it was compared to the recent hexabot scam. The site sure has about the same setup as hexabot with its 3+% daily interest on btc deposits (with no conversion to fiat), initial deposit can be released after 24 hour with a 5% fee, the contact form, uk registration and address etcetera. After that I started to see a lot of advertising and started to wonder … so I took a closer look.
When you see the site design, it looks ugly (to me at least). It looks simple, ugly, I do not like the color scheme and it just looks cheap. It does not give confidence, it’s not like .. wow, I can trust people who set up a site like that. For instance, when I first saw laser.online I was really surprised and impressed! No such excitement here. It doesn’t have to be very impressive: I remember the btcclock site did not impress me much, but at that time I liked the concept. Both laser and btcclock went scam eventually, but they lasted quite a bit and a lot of people made money (I cycled about 7 times the 12 working days term, so I made quite a profit). The better the design of a site, the more one is prune to take it more seriously.
Still just looking at the site, one can find some annoying writing errors. They did not hire someone to do the job:
“We offer one investment plans 0.16% hourly.”
“Our system permits our customers to determine how much to invest by choosing the profits that they intend to receive because the quantity of bitcoin invested is equivalent to the amount of gain our customer receives.” Whatever that may mean.
The news section (only 1 item):
“Today, 15.12.2017. We are gald to announce to everyone and public, that Inspiration Coins Limited has been approved and officially launched!”
“InspirationCoins Limited is online cryptocurrency investment platform based in UK. We are fast growing company in cryptocurrency market fields.”
And on it goes...
The site has twitter and facebook links, but they only show shots of the site and no comments.
And let us take a look at the relevant whois info as well: Domain Name: INSPIRATIONCOINS.IO
Registrar WHOIS Server: whois .namecheap .com Registrar URL: namecheap. com Updated Date: 2017-11-29T06:50:13Z Creation Date: 2017-09-07T21:50:39Z Registry Expiry Date: 2018-09-07T21:50:39Z
Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited //icann.org/epp#clientTransferProhibited Registrant Name: WhoisGuard Protected Registrant Organization: WhoisGuard, Inc. Name Server: NS9.STRONGNS.NET Name Server: NS9.STRONGNS.BIZ Name Server: NS26.STRONGNS.BIZ Name Server: NS57.STRONGNS.BIZ Name Server: NS26.STRONGNS.NET Name Server: NS57.STRONGNS.NET DNSSEC: unsigned
The domain is registered by namecheap.com for the period of 1 year and most likely the project is using shared hosting. That is a cheap solution and not the best of choices: see https://www.reddit.com/altcoininvesting/comments/7ke0by/hyip_sites_what_can_whois_info_tell_me/
Minimum investment is low (0.001 btc), as is the minimum withdrawal ( 0.0005). I was tempted to invest a little, get in and out quickly and make some profit. But then I thought better of it. Transaction fees are way too high to make small deposits and actually I do not want to spoil this December with more bad news.
If you want to give it a try, you’re welcome to do so. The first investors will likely be able to make some profits. If I would go in, I would try to make some 40% and leave. That would take about 2 weeks.
EDIT: I am not a professional at writing this kind of reviews and these are only my personal observations and opinions, you should do your own dd.
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Are Cryptocurrency HYIPs possible?

I know a lot of them are scams and Ponzi Schemes. I look at the ones promising hourly interest or thousands of percent and just laugh. But there are some out there that seem at least a bit feasible. Normally this interest structure would be an instant red flag in any other market. But the volatility of the crypto market makes it seem at least a little bit more believable. Bitcoin is up 7% in the past 24 hours and there are constant pump and dumps that I'm sure are generating a large amount of money for somebody.
So is it possible that a group of traders who know what they're doing can turn a 1-4% daily profit for their investors in the current market? And can they do so in a relatively sustainable(at least 1 year) way? I understand the risk involved. I'm willing to take it if it's a feasible prospect. And if it's not possible, please explain why. Don't just give some "ALL HYIP's are scams" tautology.
edit: also, if it is possible, what are some red flags and green flags to discern scam from deal?
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Mtmg.pro Review: 5% each working day for 40 working days and principal included

Hello, hyip investors. In this article, I will introduce Mtmg.pro which started on 19th Nov 2019. It provides long term deposit plans. The admin bought Premium listing and 1200px top banner on my website three days ago. Both my withdrawal requests were processed successfully into my PerfectMoney wallet. Now let me write something about it.
Investment Plans
  1. Minimum deposit 0.001 BTC, earn 2.5% each working day for 20 working days and principal back
  2. Minimum deposit 0.5 BTC, earn 3% each working day for 25 working days and principal back
  3. Minimum deposit 0.01 BTC, earn 5% each working day for 40 working days and principal included
  4. Minimum deposit 1 BTC, earn 6% each working day for 50 working days and principal included
These are all the plans Mtmg.pro provides. From the minimum deposit amount required, I think the first and third plans will be chosen more frequently than the other two and you can choose any one which is more suitable for you. I only have one suggestion, that is don't invest too much in all HYIP projects, especially for newcomers, I think less than $50 deposits will be better, because newcomers not only know nothing about investing skills, but also risks. So you should take some time to understand and learn how to minimize losses.
Payment Options
Mtmg.pro accepts PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin.
Referral Commissions
Mtmg.pro provides 5% commissions for promoters. So if you registered through my personal link, then welcome to submit your RCB request within 24 hours since your deposit, I will give back 5% of your initial investment as long as my withdrawal request is processed.
Withdrawal Type
Your withdrawal will be processed within 48 hours. Minimum withdrawal amount is 0.0005 BTC or equivalent in another currency. There is no Maximum limit for withdrawals. But don't forget to add a payment account (wallet address) in your Settings before submitting a withdrawal request.
Register: https://mtmg.pro/?ref=hyiper
More Information
You can see a video presentation which is still under construction on its homepage, and I will replenish this update when the video is completed in the near future; In the ABOUT US page, there is a UK company certificate, the registration name is "MTMG Ltd", it is real and you can check; At the bottom, you can find links of Facebook page, Twitter and Telegram channel, don't forget to follow them if you are interested in this program; At the top of website, you can see five language icons, but currently, only three of them are active, including English, Russian and Spanish; If you have further questions about this project, you can also contact admin through the chat box at the bottom of their website.
Don't forget to follow this article if you are intereted in Mtmg.pro, because I will update all its future news here. Of course, welcome to make comments if you have valuable opinions about it.
Read More: https://www.hyiper.net/blog/115.html
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What will happen to Telegram if America does not recognize GRAM as a cryptocurrency?

States around the world are in no hurry to legislatively regulate cryptocurrency, so far its place in the legal field on a par with non-state currencies. You can pay with cryptocurrency and buy goods, but what is important, its transfer is free and unlimited.
In history, there were cases of creating private currencies, but they were never recognized as legal and soon banned.
One resident of the village of Kolionovo near Moscow, Mikhail Shlyapnikov, started printing his own currency, calling it "kolion" and setting a fixed rate - 1 kolion is equal to 50 Russian rubles. At the same time, the Issuer of this "money" claimed that the colions were his personal ious.
The entrepreneur came up with these banknotes when he realized that it was difficult to get a loan on favorable terms. Soon the farmer and his customers began to share with each other the colony. However, prosecutors considered a substitute for money illegal. Economists point out that in the history of humanity has repeatedly resorted to a system of credit.
"The state did not help us in any way, getting a loan was a problem. Then we came up with colions-initially as a fun game, which then turned into a financial instrument that allowed us to resolve a number of issues. Thanks to these receipts, we did not have to take commercial loans. We actually created our own system of" long "loans with a negative ruble rate," Shlyapnikov said.
"Free dollars"
Bernard von Nothaus-the man who created the so-called "freedom Dollars", which he conceived were to replace the us dollar. Little is known about him (Bernard von NotHaus). Even in the ubiquitous Wikipedia, it is only mentioned in connection with the creation of "free dollars". According to the resource, he is also known as the founder of the Free Marijuana Church of Honolulu.
In 2005, U.S. authorities began investigating von Nothaus ' financial activities. In 2006, the U.S. Mint issued a press release warning that "free dollars" are not legal currency.
Bernard von Nothaus went on trial for creating the "National organization for the Repeal of the Federal Reserve and the Internal Revenue Code, NORFED". In 1998, NORFED was renamed Liberty Services.
Liberty Services was engaged in the production and distribution of currency called "free dollar" (Liberty Dollar). "Free dollars" were minted in silver, gold, platinum and copper, and in design (designed again by von Nothaus) resembled official dollars. Thus, they depicted the dollar sign ( $ ), and were written the words - "dollar", the United States and the phrase Trust in God (instead Of in God We Trust).(Unfortunately we couldn't find an image of "Free dollar" on the Internet)
In addition," free dollars " were issued in paper form - in the form of special certificates for gold and silver, which could be exchanged for precious metals in a special warehouse. "Free dollars" were distributed until July 2009.
In July 2009, von Nothaus was arrested, and then formal charges were filed against him. And in March 2011, a North Carolina state court found von Nothaus guilty on two counts. No "exciting" trial occurred: the hearing lasted eight days, and the jury took only two hours to reach a verdict.
Cryptocurrency GRAM
Cryptocurrency Gram from the Creator of the social network Vkontakte and messenger Telegram was the most discussed project of 2018, not only in the digital cash market, but in the world in General. Such excitement among investors, traders, miners and just crypto enthusiasts has not been for a long time.
HYIP around the new cryptocurrency Durov lasts for a year, and news about the launch of TON Telegram-a blockchain on which the new coin will work-are waiting for millions of users from all six continents. Crypt is actively discussed on forums, and the request “where to buy Gram?” is one of the most popular in search engines.
Why telegram has its own cryptocurrency? In 2010, at the very beginning of the era of digital money, Durov already made an attempt to launch a cryptocurrency in the social network Vkontakte. 9 years ago, this initiative did not cause any interest or trust among users, and the launch did not take place. Since then, the attitude to cryptocurrency has changed dramatically. The news of Durov's creation of his cryptocurrency immediately caused a furore. Investors immediately began to consider Gram as a promising source for investments. The coin is launched not by someone there, but by Durov himself, whose previous projects inspire confidence in the success of the new one.
There are opinions that Durov's decision to create TON is connected with the desire to monetize the messenger and gain independence from major advertisers, governments, foundations, etc. Own cryptocurrency will expand Telegram's capabilities and make it even safer.
A direct competitor of Ethereum, capable of creating serious problems even for Bitcoin — Gram from the very beginning is considered as a dangerous rival for the leading representatives of the crypto community. Durov announced the monetization of Telegram, which means that users of the messenger will easily be able to use the built-in TON system and use the new currency for internal calculations and not only.
The United States is afraid of cryptocurrency GRAM?
Why was the US against telegram cryptocurrency and temporarily banned their sale? Us law holds that any issued token that is sold in the US automatically falls under the SEC's control. In fact, the American authorities consider the cryptocurrency, which is issued by various companies, securities.
It is known that buyers during the initial coin offering paid $0.37 per token, and the second round - $1.33 per coin. At a time, investors should invest at least $10 million in the platform. At the same time, during the mass launch of the sale of Gram, the coin should have cost $3.65, but now on the black market, Gram tokens are sold from $5 per piece — the profitability for one coin compared to the first round increased 15 times.
On this basis, the SEC concluded that Gram is a security, not a currency. For such activities, the company needs to disclose information about its work and investors who invest in the project.
The SEC filed a lawsuit against Telegram Inc. and Ton Issuer Inc. and achieved the imposition of an injunction on the distribution of Gram tokens among investors who participated in the presale. 1.7 billion dollars were collected by the project, and the distribution of tokens was planned just now. The decision of the American authorities was extremely brutal and treacherous. Although it is explained by the " care of investors." And the distribution of Gram tokens violates American laws, because, as stated in the lawsuit, it:
- Sale of tokens to us investors without prior registration of their offer, as required by US securities legislation.
The court decision obliges Telegram to register its cryptocurrency as a security or return the money to American investors in case of refusal. The documents of the regulator indicate that among the $ 1.7 billion raised in 2018 for the launch of the blockchain platform, at least $425 million falls on American investors who bought at least 1 billion Gram tokens. At the same time, the number of American investors may be much higher, since many ICO participants keep in the shadows.
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No, Bitcoin hasn't got me a Lambo. Yes, Bitcoin has changed my life.

This movement isn't just about the money. It's about an idea. It's about a philosophy that when, not if but when, enacted, could spare others the pain I've experienced. There are tons of stories on this subreddit of people wandering into wealth, but I'm not one of those. Through Bitcoin, I've wandered into a passion for life I haven't felt in years.
I'll share the super-TLDR of the TLDR. I'm a 27 year old combat veteran. I sustained injuries while in service, and let's just say the reputation of the VA is warranted: yes, I've gotten some compensation, but it's never before creating a part-time job of 'fighting the VA.' To share one of endless examples, I once had to pay out of pocket for a surgery that would have resulted in immobility of a joint if not gotten immediately, and I lost my job (manual labor after Hurricane Sandy, at the time) over it.... needless to say, I couldn't go through unemployment for that, I had to go through the VA, and I finally saw money for that over two years later... obviously without interest. Sort of defeats the idea of 'convalescence pay.' Again, this is one of dozens of stories I could pull.
Like many other combat veterans, I'm also divorced. I could spend time talking about the demon my ex was, but it's moot. I'll only share she was kind enough to leave almost all of our 'joint' debt to me, or that she'd never sign divorce papers (hindsight being 20/20, I now know my lawyer was a waste of money and inept, and I could be in half the debt I'm in now if I waited it out.) But the faults with others are irrelevant. In fairness and to share what matters, the elements within my own control, the VA impacted our quality of life severely and made me have to make some tough employment decisions, including relocating. The marriage disintegrated.
I joined the Army at age 17 due to a horrible upbringing including physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. A family chock full of fun things like alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and some fun crime involvement. I wanted nothing to do with that. I always say enlisting is the best and worst decision I've ever made. It provided me a ton of life lessons (and still does) and I've been with people I consider family I've chosen, yet at the end of the day, I still don't have the support network of a direct family that most do. So when that marriage disintegrated- my only family- it stung. It stung deeply. There's so much more to share which I lost or gave up after this- a job, a business I started, and my mind. But that's not here or there. Even the strongest can falter. When you've pulled 60-80 hour weeks for years, only to feel betrayed and backstabbed, have all you've worked for gone, no savings or future to hope for... it's an indescribably dark place.
Flash forward to crippling debt from the divorce and second/third order effects of the medical debt/subsequent factors.
I had adopted two cats from the shelter I volunteered at full time for a year post-Army (the only time I'll ever take unemployment with no guilt,) and at my lowest of lows, I had my pistol between my teeth with tears in my eyes. My cats jumped up beside me on the bed and began purring. They didn't want me to go.
I had always been entrepreneurially minded, as far back as I can remember. This, combined with being a creative innovator, has caused me to dabble in a little bit of everything. I've got quite the resume for a 27 year old: former contractor at the most well-known tech firm, Harvard CORe graduate, and other 'wows' that would shock many. In my hunger for education and experience, I kept up on crypto in the past year and have made extremely humble buys- $10 here or there. I'm up to a whopping 0.02 BTC, which is likely pennies to many of you, but at this rebuilding phase of life, not peanuts for me. I can think of no other thing I'd be in a position to invest in right now over paying off debt. But Bitcoin changed all of that.
I'm taking calculated steps. I'm not touching HYIPs. I am diversifying- slightly, into some things, but predominantly HODLing. I'm learning yet even more about the realm of finance. And for the first time in many moons, I truly feel I can overcome the $50,000 of debt that fate slapped me with. As a realist, I don't think I'll become a millionare off of this, but the hope of removing the shackles of debt, rebuilding my hard and sometimes blood-earned savings, to dream of one day retiring... I haven't had that before Bitcoin.
It changed me enough that I was able to accept love again. I had my one year dating anniversary with my girlfriend now, whom has recently gotten into Bitcoin with me. She's commented on how much I've changed since I've been involved with crypto. I think it's just Bitcoin making me the person she deserves me to be. I love that woman beyond words, as she's been there for me through some of the darkness I shared above, and stuck by my side through it all. She deserves an amazing future. Bitcoin will be part of how I make that happen.
In my endeavors of learning about Bitcoin and investing, an individual PMd me offering to fund a $100 BitConnect account. It's probably nothing to many of you, again, and certainly nothing to this guy- I don't know his net worth but he's easily a multi-millionare. But that gesture, that gesture alone, spoke so much to me. That small act gave me hope. That small act gave me something to strive to be in the future.
I legitimately struggled to get out of bed some days having no hope for the future, and while there is ever so much uncertainty now, I feel as if I can handle it. Again, I'm a realist: I'm not having some delusion I can quit my job next month. Actually, I'm in a temp role that ends next month, but Bitcoin's also changed my employment prospects. I've met some amazing people through sporadic posts and messages, and you truly never know.
I've seen the horrors of war. I won't share those. I also won't get political. I'll just share that having the people control currency is something that terrifies governments and big banks for good reasons. Maybe it can spare others of my suffering in decades to come.
Tomorrow, I will wake up and go to my backbreaking job, but with a smile: because I know that I have regained control of my life through the Bitcoin movement.
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Hourly Coin Trading Group is an advanced company from the UK that aims to create the most sustainable and profitable international business, bringing together all areas of the digital world. At this stage of development, Hourly Coin Trading Group is a trusted company that allows stable and risk-free growth of financial assets using both USD and the most stable digital currencies. The company's ... Hourly Coin Trading Group is an advanced company from the UK that aims to create the most sustainable and profitable international business, bringing together all areas of the digital world. At this stage of development, Hourly Coin Trading Group is a trusted company that allows stable and risk-free growth of financial assets using both USD and the most stable digital currencies. The company's ... Investments start from $20 only, the interest rates range from 7% up to 11% daily. The principal gets returned at the end of the run time. Min. deposit: $ 20 Withdrawal: daily Payment options: Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Doge, BCash, PerfectMoney, Payeer. running since. 117 days. stopped. Crypto Bank. Crypto Investment Firm. 2% Hourly. monitored since Mar. 23, 2018. Visit Program Platform ... Scam artists will always take advantage of new technologies. The internet and email made it easier for a scam artist to contact millions of people in seconds. Now, with bitcoin, we’re seeing a similar surge in investment schemes. Here are some of the reasons why bitcoin HYIPs are extra popular today: Bitcoin Is More Anonymous Than Fiat Currencies 30% hourly for 300 hours: 2018-08-14: Double Bitcoin Invest 0.02 btc Return 0.9 btc in 10 hours: 2018-07-22 : BTC BROS Pay 0.03 BTC, get 3 BTC In 6 Hours: 2018-06-13: Grand Wealth Signal 130% hourly for 24 hours: 2018-04-29: Crypto Mining Investment 150% hourly for 24 hours: 2018-04-11: Secure Investment Fund 6500% to 27500% profit: 2018-03-20: Bitcoin 77X 7700% OF YOUR INVESTMENT: 2018-03-02 ...

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High Paying Trusted Admin Hourly Hyip Investment Site 2019 Brain Crypto Update Withdrawal Proof

Link for start doubling your bitcoins: http://bit.ly/conerify Conerify is a brand new page that offer a 2% interest hourly for 100 hours with direct payment ... Capcoin Trade - New HYIP Investment SITE 100% PAYING - 200% After 24 Hours - MINIMUM DEPOSIT 0.10$ Register Now : Now this website is Not Paying hyip investment hyip investment site 2020 ... OAK TRADE - NEW HYIP BITCOIN INVESTMENT SITE - 110% AFTER 1 DAY - MINIMUM DEPOSIT 15$ Register Now : Now This Site is Scam don't Invest Your Money ( Plz ... OXNEST.COM BEST BITCOIN DOUBLE HYIP SITE - 502% AFTER 3 DAYS - MIN:10$ REGISTER LINK : https://oxnest.com/?ref=Naveedkhawer OXNEST.COM OXNEST OXNEST legi... Where you should select the 13.5% hourly for 5 hours plan with minimum 10$ investment. Do not deposit more than 48$ at a time. and do not deposit more than 99$ total to your account. Creating ...