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Uh, I’m Marketing Specialist (Guerrilla)

Uh, I’m Marketing Specialist (Guerrilla)
I’m so glad you brought this up! It’s the one thing that LTC lacks in and it’s ironic because LTC is the only coin deserving of a full-time marketing team. I think people are starting to finally realize that it’s all about the marketing, word of mouth and branding in crypto. To put this into perspective as a self-funded/semi-retired internet entrepreneur, I’ll tell you exactly what caused my successes and failures. Initially (when I was young), I would launch a service or product in which I used 90% of the budget for development and 10% left over for marketing resulting in failure. At this point if I ever launch a new product or service online 70%+ of the entire budget would be allocated towards the marketing, so I can’t stress the importance of this. 1 million CNY ($150k) applied to a dev team is absolutely incredible, but LTC desperately needs a monthly marketing budget as well. It would be fantastic if these Scrypt mining manufactures or farms could consider that expense the cost of doing business. $5k a month starting budget could really do wonders for creating awareness.
You can see here that we desperately need to address this issue: (sleeping giant)
There’s really no need for a DM regarding the marketing unless someone is brought on to manage a campaign, but I would like to give feedback publicly on what I’ve seen so far (since I’m all about community/transparency and appreciate feedback). I can be very direct and hurt people’s feelings, but the only thing that matters is the success of LTC for the sake of humanity (financial freedom from total economic enslavement), so here are my thoughts below.
1.) Current Slogan. I’d like to first go over the silver analogy since Xinxi mentioned it earlier in a reddit post. Right off the bat there are pros and cons that I see with this association.
Pros: During a BTC pump breaking ATH’s it is very beneficial being known as the Silver to Bitcoin’s gold as we’ve already seen demonstrated with the pump in late 2013. People feel that they missed the BTC boat and turn to an alternative that is underpriced and somewhat similar to BTC. Bitcoin paves the infrastructure path while Litecoin trails behind receiving all the benefits, such as the hardware wallet support. It positions Litecoin as a “non-threating” alternative to Bitcoin and acts as a logical trading pair. If you like BTC, then theoretically you should like LTC as well. The Bitcoin association to a digital gold is very powerful because many cultures still understand it as a monetary metal throughout history. I remember in 2011 the BTC community was really pushing that deep psychological comparison. In 2013, Bitcoin hit parity with gold reaching $1,200 and LTC at $48 which is also very similar to what we saw with physical silver. That was not by accident, but now that BTC has hit that objective I don’t hear thought leaders comparing it too gold much anymore and they claim one Bitcoin will be worth 1 million dollars feeding into that gold fever hype. The other issue with changing silver analogy is that Coblee literally designed LTC to be the silver to Bitcoin’s gold and produced 4x more inflation. LTC is also deflationary similar to gold, silver and Bitcoin so logically I guess it only makes sense. PM comparison takes a very complicated concept and helps simplify it for your average man on the street.
Cons: What I don’t like about the silver association. So I believe most here will agree that Gold feels like it’s more important/sought after than Silver. Considering historically kings have access to gold and commoners have access to the silver. I do believe it’s hard for people to chant and cheer, “We’re #2, We’re #2, We’re #2!!!”. Do you see what I mean here? It’s hard to get Excited about that for people and the same goes with hoarding LTC vs BTC. It also creates a dependency on Bitcoin for eternity and keeps LTC under the thumb of the BTC overlords (I know some of them and they hate LTC). The association should be more like Pepsi and Coke or Ying to Yang and one could technically still operate without the other. If LTC dies (I doubt this), then people will forget about the silver association and just continue chanting for Bitcoin #1/Gold2.0/21 Million/I’m Rich Bitches. If BTC dies or is bottlenecked to death it would be nice for LTC to still exist in the minds of the crypto community and that dependence is also dangerous for LTC (as we keep seeing Bitcoins lack of scaling). You’ll notice every time BTC bottlenecks transactions that the price rally gets cut short again which affects the potential LTC rally. This is also a big part of why hedging out of BTC into alts such as LTC is important, but many think why would I hold LTC when I can just hold BTC so they invest in something totally different like ETH as a hedge. The other issue is the ratio and stability of LTC when the ratio both snaps back (short-term) and is suppressed (long-term), so it doesn’t make for the most stable currency when this occurs (although a 40x gain in value again would be nice). Many precious metal bugs will state that the physical gold/silver ratio should be around 1:16 ounces and technically if BTC/LTC had identical network-effect the value ratio would be closer to 1:4. Right now, we’re nearing 1:200 which is absurd. Not only that, this association is not so accurate because the gold and silver volume/ratio of atoms on this earth is unknown. While the tokens to exist currently and in the future are precisely known with BTC/LTC (1:4) which means LTC is actually even more undervalued than physical silver to physical gold. It would be nice to talk about LTC without ever having to mention BTC and I do feel it’s a setback, but at this point maybe necessary especially considering this next BTC pump.
2.) Slogan Suggestion. As you can see I am really on the fence about the silver analogy, so maybe we can just leave it as an unspoken association as we seen Bitcoiners mentioning gold analogy less and less. The funny thing is Coblee and Xinxi totally changed the game with LTC while nobody noticed. It’s so different that I almost think this one change alone has put the silver branding into question. By adding CT transactions and Segwit it provides enough differentiation from BTC to make it a more worthwhile hedge for wealth storage (This is important and helps maintain a higher per coin price). For those that want to save their earnings in a more private blockchain they now have a reason to transfer some BTC over to LTC or bypass it as a means of storage and we already know it’s much better for transfer. Coblee states fungiblity reasons, but I already know people will be taking a second look at LTC after this is implemented because I personally don’t like when people can see all my transactions at a particular address, so having both a fully public and private blockchain is a must. Not only that he knows about the censoring of coins for associations with the dark web even if you weren’t directly involved and that hurts fungibility, so once again the right decisions are being made.
With that said, I would personally prefer LTC being considered the “The Swiss Bank of Money”. Money and Currency are actually two VERY different things by the way while gold/silver being money and currency being a derivative of that money. Obama was recently at South by Southwest and gave a speech mentioning crypto directly. It would be hilarious if we embraced his terminology of crypto.
“It’s like having a Swiss Bank Account in Your Pocket.”
Another interesting point is the ironclad privacy that Swiss Banks were known for has been completely undermined by the US probing and global FATCA compliance for all other banks globally. There is no safe haven anymore and in a subtle way this almost alludes to LTC being the last bastion of financial freedom. Picture this, but instead LTC: (The financial system is being completely turned upside down with some countries going to negative interest rates… AKA you pay them for holding your money, so that picture is very accurate.)
3.) Litecoin Constitution or Oath. I will eventually get to the marketing aspect, but this all ties into everything, such as word of mouth. Every great company has a motto, a country a constitution or religions with commandments. It is important because it condenses down why we are here, our beliefs, what we are fighting for, our principles and what is out of scope of the vision or deemed acceptable. We’ve seen glimpses of this from Coblee like when he mentioned after an altcoin forked due to a theft that LTC will never hardfork due to a theft (So, let’s outline it for everyone). This is so important that I could even see a URL being dedicated to it so the world is clear as too what LTC is and stands for.
An example of what this would look like: Litecoin Beliefs/Oath: - LItecoin will strive to be as transparent as possible in all aspects of development, marketing, future updates. - Litecoin will strive to remain as decentralized as possible while maintaining a pristine blockchain. All aspects of management for social media and other platforms will also remain decentralized. - Litecoin will never reverse or roll back the blockchain or fork due to a theft or unauthorized transaction. - Litecoin will strive to operate the most financially fair network of wealth storage and transfer as possible. - Litecoin will always strive to bring modern financial access from the richest to the poorest and most remote people on earth. - ETC ETC.
Something like this needs to be in place in the event Charlie goes MIA or anyone else in management so we have our guide stone in place. A wealthy individual looking to speculate in LTC and store his wealth there would feel much more comfortable if he knew what LTC stands for. The examples I gave above are how I perceive LTC but writing it in stone would make everything clear for everyone.
4.) Enthusiastic Keynote Speaker. While I love Charlie to death and he’s fighting the good fight it would be nice to see someone like an Andreas equivalent for LTC (English/Chinese speaker would be incredible). When I hear Andreas speak about BTC I literally get goosebumps and my faith/passion is restored in crypto because sometimes we get beat down when our family and friends can’t see the “lite”. While I believe Charlie should never stop spreading awareness at as many events as possible he doesn’t come off as being very confident and a bit shy (which is fine). What I would like to see is high energy, passion, excitement and a confidence in LTC that is unshakeable. Assume the sale man! Charlie observed BTC operating in the wild, made a few tweaks and somehow made a better version of it capable of more yet incredibly stable/functional (without the suspect Satoshi early miner stash). However, I do understand it being difficult to hype LTC when there is not much to talk about since BTC hit all the talking points and LTC was no different other than 4x. For the future we really need to stress the scalability and fungibility improvements.
5.) Thinking out of the box. Xinxi’s paper wallet suggestion if done on a grand scale could be quite massive for adoption despite how primitive it sounds. This is the type of thinking we need to bring LTC functionality/awareness to the masses. Get creative/think outside the box and reach out to the appropriate companies/visionaries or start a business (we need more entrepreneurs and now is the time to get involved and solidify your spot in the industry).
Some examples: a. In previous posts we discussed the paper wallets for LTC. If I were to walk up to any person on the street and explain to them that I had one LTC paper wallet in my hand worth $4 and I would be willing to sell it to them for $5 and explained it was rare and similar to Bitcoin (second largest), in addition hit $48 in the past and could happen again and BTC is currently at $780.. I guarantee I could sell them on the spot. That could literally be turned in a business model and scaled as one idea that seems silly, but with awesome potential.
b. Tonight I watched the unveiling of the new Tesla solar home roof in addition to the PowerWall 2 unit. Seen here: Who’s to say we couldn’t contact Tesla and integrate a Scrypt Asic chip into their future PowerWall 3 unit and offset homeowner’s extra battery power into the form of crypto. I mine BTC, LTC, DASH, ETH/ETC and LTC is by far the most profitable to mine, so maybe this actually could be viable. It’s out of the box and worth looking into from a technical standpoint. Coblee literally lives down the street and could meet with them.
c. Another idea could be a sidechain mobile mining concept. I’ve thrown that idea around with the LTC devs, just to see what their thoughts were. It would have to be structured in a very particular way to work, but I believe there could be some merit there as well to draw in new users. I would really love some feature to be offered through this additional hash/computational power via a sidechain and potentially something like a Dash masternode for the monthly yield since for some the simple buy and HODL method doesn’t work for them. LTC is supposed to be “money”, so monthly yield is inappropriate similar to how gold doesn’t produce monthly yield by its very nature.
5.) More Accessible Scrypt Miners. It looks like Alcheminer is gone and Titans are no longer obtainable leaving really only Innosilicons terminators older ones and the newer ones coming. It would be nice if we had more affordable smaller miners for your average joe. GPU dominates the word of mouth aspect because of accessibility. Any gamer can get involved, he gets a few coins and then tells his friends being that there is also financial incentive for him to spread awareness. It would be great if we could see more scrypt manufactures producing something to fill this niche.
6.) equivalent. I don’t want to offend anyone again, but the website really does need work. Aesthetically it doesn’t look as visually appealing as LBC and also does not function as well. The .net extension is also not so favorable, so maybe they could acquire a .com equivalent and 301 it. In addition, I see little to no available trades which also does not bode well on the psyche of potential LTC investors. LBC is really a major backbone to Bitcoin adoption considering its functionality for the community and allows people to buy BTC in a more anonymous fashion. Plus, the owner of LBC makes great profit so there is much incentive for running a high caliber local exchange.
7.) Marketing. There really is no marketing for LTC and I’ve never seen any marketing efforts on behalf of the LTC association other than maybe some sponsored ads on reddit (which is fine). This really does need to change because when we saw Dogecoin doing the Nascar stuff or Jamaican bob sled team, I was thinking my god why can’t we get a budget going to spread awareness. While I believed even at the time that their particular choices were foolish I was impressed that they were actually trying to bring about public awareness for Doge. We can maintain interactions on all the social profiles we want in the world, but we really need to be paying for ad placement on networks such as YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, etc etc. A/B split testing with a test budget would be wise and gauge interaction via a landing page.
Side note: It’s funny one of my first projects when I was a kid was a penny stock newsletter site accessible via monthly subscription. We ran ads that were very professional and reasonable such as “Join our newsletter and receive monthly returns up to 20%-30%”. At the time that was very reasonable and realistic based on our track record/advice. The only problem was the ads performed horribly, but then eventually we said screw it and ran ridiculous ads like, “GAINZ of 30000X, GET RICH, GET BITCHES, LIVE ON BEACH IN PARADISE”…. And it worked almost too well. This tells me humans react off greed and dreams of grandeur. I see these claims with altcoins that get pumped which claims of “next Bitcoin” or will “overthrow Bitcoin”. I think that’ more sensational for most people and fills their dreams of becoming rich overnight. There’s those types of people and then there are the more ideological type like we see in the BTC community such as miners that will continue to mine at a loss because they believe so strongly in BTC or the HODLRS that won’t sell even when BTC loses half its value in 48 hours and people are shitting their pants. It would be nice if we could appeal to all demographics.
I keep hearing about the LTC Association meetings. Why don’t we publicly post the meeting day/time do it via Google Hangouts so we can all listen in on the conversation. We really need to build a sense of community and that’s lacking as well. Outreach programs could also be a very inexpensive form of marketing. Such as contacting for potential integration of LTC. If the fundamentals were explained I’m sure there would be successes in furthering adoption of the technology.
If the website is not going to get fixed can we at least 301 it to the address for now? Seeing "Hacked" at the top of the site doesn't instill confidence again... Not so great for branding... lol
… to be continued.
I’m starting to ramble. It’s 3am here and I’m half asleep. I’ll continue writing more on potential marketing efforts/ideas I’ve had (tomorrow).
In the meantime, I’ve love to hear feedback on things I’ve shared so far.
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Slack chat with James Lovejoy (VTC Lead Dev)

Thought I would share this chat I had with James Lovejoy last night. Super generous of him to provide this much access and time answering questions. I was already a HODL'er, but this solidified it.
beerfinger [1:28 AM] Just read through the entire rebranding thread in the Vertcoin subreddit. Earlier today I also watched some of Crypto Hedge's interview of James Lovejoy from last August on YouTube. I understand both sides of the rebranding argument and have tried to play devil's advocate. Right now I do believe that the argument against rebranding is stronger. Full disclosure: I've worked in marketing/advertising my whole career and just recently got into cryptos. With that said, there are two questions that keeps nagging on me:
[1:28] 1. this coin has been around since 2014, so nearly 4 years. James seems like an incredibly smart and capable chap, but I'm just going to go ahead and assume the he hasn't always been the Lead Dev while he was in high school. Presumably there was someone before him and, after he graduates and moves on to whatever it is he's going to do with his life, there will be someone after him. Yes? So, with all due respect to James, as an investor in VTC, what assurances are there that this isn't merely an interesting side-project for a brilliant MIT student with little interest/incentive in its value as an investment portfolio? If the value of this coin to James is that of a college project, that is something I as an investor would like to know.
jamesl22 [1:32 AM] Hey!
[1:33] I've been the lead dev since Nov 2014
[1:33] (while I was in high school)
[1:33] And I've kept at it through college, I certainly don't intend to go anywhere
[1:33] Plus, there are more who work on this project that just me
beerfinger [1:33 AM] 2. I've read complaints about Vertcoin from people who poopoo its usefulness. Decrying it as "just another coin trying to be Bitcoin with not much differentiating it." People don't seem to view the ASIC thing as a big enough differentiator to make VTC stand out. There seems to be a kernel of truth to that as part of the argument against rebranding seems to be a tacit acknowledgement that it should not occur until a major change in the development is launched. So my question again stems back to James' motivations and incentives here. Is this a convenient use case for some college thesis? Or is the team really working on coming up with a major change in development?
[1:34] hey James! wow, thanks so much for your quick response
[1:34] great to actually communicate with you. and I stand corrected. very impressive that you started on this so young. I can see why MIT accepted you :slightly_smiling_face:
[1:36] my questions still stand though: I'm not trying to insult you so I hope you don't take it that way, but as someone who considers VTC part of my investment portfolio, I am very curious to hear about your incentives. You clearly have noble intentions. But what is your ultimate goal? What's the end game? Is it the same as Satoshi's was? (assuming he was really one person who existed)
[1:37] Or is there something else?
jamesl22 [1:37 AM] I think it's the same as Satoshi's
[1:37] To recreate the financial system in a fairer, more distributed way
[1:37] My research at MIT is totally separate to my work on VTC, though the two are complimentary (both are in cryptocurrency)
[1:38] In my ideal world everyone runs a VTC miner and full node in their home, banks become narrow banks and clearing houses/stock exchanges are a thing of the past
[1:39] The rewards of the financial system (in the form of transaction fees) will be distributed to the people, rather than siphoned off by banks or ASIC manufacturers as happens now (edited)
goodminer [1:40 AM] :thumbsup:
beerfinger [1:40 AM] I see. That is compelling. So, being that's the case, that sounds to me like something worthy of a brand, no?
[1:41] Unless you think there are other coins on the market with the same goals. In which case, what will differentiate VTC?
jamesl22 [1:42 AM] I don't think there are any on the market with as strong of an ideology as us
[1:42] Or any that can demonstrate that it follows through on its commitments
[1:42] The way I see it, VTC went from being worth $0.01 last year to 100x that now
[1:43] I don't see how a rebrand can possible accelerate already parabolic growth
[1:43] Bear in mind, that until a few months ago we had 0 marketing, that is where our focus should be now
beerfinger [1:44 AM] Fair. I'm curious, what do you think it SHOULD be worth?
[1:44] I mean right now, at this moment.
jamesl22 [1:44 AM] I don't think I should say, the SEC might be watching us
beerfinger [1:44 AM] Not in the future.
[1:44] haha
[1:44] ok
[1:44] Can you say if you feel it is undervalued?
[1:44] or overvalued
jamesl22 [1:45 AM] I will say with confidence that 95% of the top 100 is severely overvalued
beerfinger [1:45 AM] coins you mean
jamesl22 [1:45 AM] Yes
[1:45] On coinmarketcap
[1:45] If you visit most of their websites, there is no code at all
[1:45] Yet it's worth many times what VTC is worth
[1:46] Where VTC has been established for nearly 4 years, bug free and features well demonstrated
[1:46] VTC also had LN and SegWit on main net before LTC or BTC (edited)
beerfinger [1:46 AM] Yes I mean your statement doesn't surprise me. It's a nacent market. Lots of snake oil, clearly.
[1:47] I guess to steer this back towards the branding/marketing of your coin though, you clearly feel strongly about it and have a clear vision. Do you feel that as it stands the branding conveys that sentiment?
jamesl22 [1:47 AM] When you say branding, I assume you mean "vertcoin" and the logo?
beerfinger [1:48 AM] yes. logo, color scheme, etc...
[1:48] name even
[1:49] also to clarify one point, when I say that you clearly feel strongly about it, the "it" refers to your coin (not the marketing of it)
jamesl22 [1:49 AM] I think it's largely arbitrary
beerfinger [1:49 AM] why is that
jamesl22 [1:49 AM] Most coin names have no meaning whatsoever
[1:49] Google, the largest tech company in the world has a silly name
[1:50] Litecoin (whose name ought to imply it has fewer features) is #4
beerfinger [1:51 AM] I wouldn't underestimate the amount of strategy that went into branding Google (and continues to this day)
jamesl22 [1:51 AM] What's most important is the pitch, how can you convince someone who knows nothing about the technicals behind cryptocurrency, that ASIC resistance and decentralisation is important?
[1:51] Yes, but the original branding was arbitrary and haphazard
[1:52] Yet the technology spoke for itself
[1:52] Now it's in the dictionary
[1:53] Spending lots of time and money on a new name/logo, trying to get community consensus on that and then redesigning the website/subreddit/wallets/other services to reflect the changes is not where I think we should focus our small resources
[1:54] My goal over the next year or two is to take VTC from speculative value to real-world value
[1:54] So point of sale, ease of use, that's the focus now
[1:55] I aim to over time provide complete solutions for merchants to implement VTC at point of sale, for laymen to set up nodes and miners in their homes
[1:55] As well as potentially enterprise support if we get big enough
beerfinger [1:55 AM] It sounds like this is your intended career path then, yes?
jamesl22 [1:55 AM] In some shape or form, yes
beerfinger [1:55 AM] Wonderful
[1:55] When do you graduate, James?
[1:55] If you don't mind me asking
slackbot Custom Response [1:55 AM] I AM talking to you aren't I !
jamesl22 [1:56 AM] Charlie Lee worked at Coinbase for several years before returning to LTC a month or two ago
[1:56] 2019
beerfinger [1:56 AM] So you're a Sophomore? Or are you in graduate school?
jamesl22 [1:57 AM] Junior
chuymgzz [1:58 AM] @beerfinger can you imagine when people first heard the word "dollar" like WTF is a dollar where did it actually came from. It actually comes from Czech joachimsthaler, which became shortened in common usage to thaler or taler. Don't pay much attention to the name Vertcoin, just take a look at the tech. If you buy into this coin's ideology, you will actually start to like the name.
jin [1:58 AM] Hey guys :slightly_smiling_face:
[1:59] @chuymgzz but not everyone looks purely at the tech, if we look at the top 100 coins, you would know whats going on :stuck_out_tongue:
beerfinger [1:59 AM] Cool well thanks for indulging me, James. I really appreciate it. Hopefully this conversation continues in the future. While your probably right that right now is probably not the right time, that doesn't mean at some point in the future it won't be. In the meantime, I'll take comfort in the knowledge that I've invested in a worthy cause.
chuymgzz [1:59 AM] Longer term only the functional ones and the ones that deliver will survive and a whole ecosystem will be built around it
jin [1:59 AM] buzz and hype is unfortunately a large part of it
beerfinger [2:00 AM] *you're
jin [2:00 AM] that is true, but without marketing to draw in attention (which leads to usage and so on etc) it will be difficult for a functional one to survive even
beerfinger [2:07 AM] @james122 One more thing: how do you feel about regulation? Pro or con? Do you feel that the idea of nation states like the US and China (ergo the ICO ban) taking it upon themselves to place restrictions on the market to try and make them safer is anathema to the idea of decentralization? Are you a full on libertarian in that respect? Or do you welcome regulation because it'll separate the wheat from the chaff?
jamesl22 [2:07 AM] I think we need a sane amount of regulation
[2:08] ICOs are clearly illegal imo
[2:08] Unless they are performed under the same rules as an IPO
[2:09] Plus I don't want to create a safe harbour for child pornographers, people traffickers and terrorists to store their money
[2:09] However I do think the state has no right to spy on you without a warrant (edited)
beerfinger [2:09 AM] You mean you don't want to be Monero? :slightly_smiling_face:
jamesl22 [2:09 AM] No
[2:10] I will pursue privacy features that make the pseudoanonymity provided by the blockchain easier for people to use effectively
[2:11] That way, it is not obvious to anyone your holdings or transactions publicly (edited)
[2:11] But things like sting operations would still be theoretically possible
beerfinger [2:13 AM] Love it. I still feel the branding thing will need to be revisited at some point. I don't know what that means, exactly. Whether its as small as a font change to something bigger like a new color scheme, logo or even name, I'm not sure of. The ideology is strong, but as it stands Vertcoin doesn't have a clear differentiator in the market. I'm not sure that matters so much yet at this time, but it will.
[2:15] You clearly have a strong vision, I'm just not sure it's being communicated effectively yet. Hence, haters who say Vertcoin is just trying to be another Bitcoin.
workstation [2:15 AM] beerfinger might be a huge whale sniffing out Vertcoin before a huge loadup. Not that, that's a bad thing :stuck_out_tongue:
beerfinger [2:15 AM] haha... I wish
jamesl22 [2:16 AM] Vertcoin is trying to be another Bitcoin lol
[2:16] It's picking up where Bitcoin left off
[2:16] If people want a decentralised cryptocurrency, they should use Vertcoin
[2:17] Bitcoin just isn't one anymore
[2:17] Neither is Litecoin (edited)
beerfinger [2:20 AM] Semantics really, but if that's the case then that means Vertcoin isn't trying to be another Bitcoin. Bitcoin is already Bitcoin, which is a coin that did not fulfill it's promises. Vertcoin, on the other hand, like you said picks up where Bitcoin left off. I'm not sure that's being communicated by the brand (yet). Doing so may have nothing to do with rebranding (unless rebranding generates a bigger social following who then helps you communicate that).
workstation [2:20 AM] You've continued on a great coin James and no doubt Vertcoin has great features vs other coins, however without widespread use and adoption, Vertcoin might just become another coin without much use. The marketing side is sometimes even more important than the development side. Just need to look at history for that. E.g. Early version of Windows was buggy, bluescreen of death plagued it. But with heaps of $$ and marketing, Windows is pretty rock solid these days.
atetnowski [2:21 AM] joined #marketing.
jamesl22 [2:22 AM] Yes, agreed to both statements
[2:22] We're working on it, but it takes time and money
[2:23] But really, adoption is pointless until point of sale works properly
[2:23] When you can get it into people's physical wallets, or phone and they can spend it in a store, that's when it takes off (edited)
[2:23] Walmart, Target, all the big retailers hate Visa and Mastercard
workstation [2:24 AM] Thats a long way off... Even Apple and Samsung are struggling in that area
jamesl22 [2:24 AM] They would love a solution that opted them out of having to pay their fees
beerfinger [2:25 AM] @workstation To play devil's advocate for one sec, most successful people in the world don't achieve success because they tried to achieve success. Success is merely a byproduct of their passion. I do believe that James' commitment to the ideology can be sufficient. But it is true that the branding should communicate his vision. That is a constant conversation, too.
workstation [2:25 AM] yes, true
jamesl22 [2:26 AM] What we really need is talented content creators to make compelling media that explains the vision in a layman friendly way
[2:26] Thus far the message has been far too technical
[2:26] But in the past, the space was mostly populated by technical people so that is understandable
[2:26] It is only in the last 6 months that the general public has started to get involved
[2:27] Sadly "ASIC resistance" doesn't speak to them
beerfinger [2:27 AM] @james122 While it's true that universal adoption is key, you can say that about ANY coin. Even dogecoin would suddenly become a real coin if everyone up and decided to start using it one day. What's your strategy for making VTC that coin?
jamesl22 [2:27 AM] Whereas I think taking power from banks, chinese miners and giving it back to the people can be far more compelling
workstation [2:27 AM] We take Visa and Mastercard at our stores. We only do it because it boosts sales. People these days are all borrowing on credit because they don't have enough.... Paying on their CC# lets them buy things now (instant gratification) and slowly pay later. They managed to get banks on board because they make so much money on the interest. There is a clear reason why those cards satisfy a demand. We get charged about 1.5% by VISA/MC. To be honest, it's not a real deal breaker.
beerfinger [2:27 AM] haha, well, james you're talking to the right guy :slightly_smiling_face:
[2:28] My career is content creation
[2:28] I have nearly 20 years producing commercials and (lately) social content for global brands
mikevert [2:29 AM] joined #marketing.
beerfinger [2:29 AM] I would be happy to consult and provide any assistance I can
[2:29] "taking power from banks, chinese miners and giving it back to the people can be far more compelling" - that's your modus operandi
[2:29] you can definitely tell that story in a compelling way
[2:30] Question: have any crypto's ever created any sort of ad before? Even just for social content? (sorry, I'm new to this space)
jamesl22 [2:30 AM] Well we'd obviously be grateful for your assistance
[2:31] I'd imagine so, though I don't follow many other coins' social media very much
goodminer [2:31 AM] @beerfinger lets chat :smile: We've been working on a lot of initiatives over the last few weeks
jamesl22 [2:31 AM] @workstation 1.5% to a huge retailer is a large sum of money though
workstation [2:35 AM] I don't see any coin being widely used to be honest. They fluctuate way too much. Say a typical consumer whose after tax salary is $1000/week.. He buys groceries at the store for $1/Liter. This is simple maths for him, he knows it's going to cost $1 each week, inflation may make it rise to $1.10 next year, but he understands that. With coins, the price of his milk is too hard to calculate.
[2:37] Why would Bob switch to using coins, when Visa/MC give him so much more? He doesnt pay the processing fee (1.5%), he gets free credit (these days, banks will easily approve 10k credits). Why would he switch to Vertcoin?
jamesl22 [2:37 AM] @workstation, volatility is high because market volume is low
[2:38] I think it will take another financial crisis or two though before people start to abandon fractional reserve banking (edited)
workstation [2:42 AM] As long as bob gets his paycheck, he's not going to care what happens at the fed
jamesl22 [2:43 AM] Bob ain't gunna get his paycheck one day though
[2:44] Because the credit ponzi scheme economy will have collapsed
workstation [2:48 AM] yes, the fed can print whatever it wants out of thin air... But its backed by US tax payers to the tune of 2+ trillion/year with most banks adhering to loan capital requirements. E.g. they need a certain amount of money deposited before they can loan more money out. What is Bitcoin/alt coins backed by? Seems like its somewhat of a ponzi scheme now, with everyone piling in thinking it will go up forever. I get that BTC is backed by real energy usage/capital requirements to mine it (asic equipment, datacenters, etc), so its more "real" than $1 USD, but they both service a purpose.
axelfoley75 [2:49 AM] joined #marketing.
workstation [2:51 AM] but whats the end goal because it seems they all become ponzi schemes. The only true coin will be one that will not allow any fiats be converted to to coin.
[2:51] the only way to earn a coin, would be to mine it, wouldn't you think that that would be the truest coin?
[2:52] right now people are just moving wads of fiat money into coins/alt coins, thereby skewing everything.
beerfinger [2:54 AM] just jumping in here with one last comment before I go to sleep: money, whether we're talking salt, precious metals, fiat currency, or cryptos, is just something that we all agree to prescribe a value to. That being the case, how are you going to stop someone from trading that value for something they want? If someone wants to trade their cryptos for chickens, a latte, USD or anything else, they're going to do it. No point in trying to regulate what people spend their money on or how they do it. Seems the antithesis of the whole decentralization thing anyway
workstation [2:57 AM] true
aegisker [3:02 AM] I belive when crypto matures, has fast and easy payments solutions, volume will rise and price will be more stable. Current price is speculation due to news and new development. I dont belive that after 10 years we will be seeing such swings.
beerfinger [3:04 AM] sorry keep thinking of new stuff... @jamesl22 your point about POS is salient. What's your perspective on coins like TenX that try to address that with payment platforms and cards?
[3:05] is that what you mean? nuts & bolts, how would Vertcoin become a POS option?
aegisker [3:06 AM] How is usdt keeping its price around usd?
beerfinger [3:07 AM] don't they just keep up with USD inflation by making sure there's an equal amount of tokens to USD in the market at any given point?
jamesl22 [3:07 AM] Integration of LN and AS is key
[3:07] Then providing some hardware or software solution to integrate with payment processors
[3:07] I haven't looked at tenx
beerfinger [3:07 AM] so Vertcoin IS actively pursuing this then
[3:08] interesting
[3:09] perhaps there's some way to leverage things like ApplePay
jamesl22 [3:09 AM] I doubt it
[3:09] ApplePay's design is fundamentally different
beerfinger [3:09 AM] I mean it doesn't have to be ApplePay itself. Can be a separate app
lucky [3:09 AM] Having bitcoin or altcoins tied to your debit card isn't unbelievable
jamesl22 [3:10 AM] Of course not
[3:10] But it is suboptimal
beerfinger [3:10 AM] yeah sort of kills the whole decentralization thing
lucky [3:10 AM] in fact if we are going the whole hog and saying fiat collapsed. You'd be silly to think the banks would standby and let crypto take over without them
beerfinger [3:10 AM] now we're relying on banks again
lucky [3:11 AM] At the first sign of crypto succeeding fiat. Banks will take over
[3:11] Because they can trade their fiat to coin
[3:11] Government too
aegisker [3:12 AM] Well, banks issues debt, whole market is built around debt. Crypto would take that away
[3:12] This will be hardest transition
jamesl22 [3:12 AM] If the crypto market ever gets to say $1tril, the banks will use their lobbyist army to squash it as best they can
lucky [3:13 AM] Is it not possible crypto gets immediately regulated into the banking system as soon as it passed fiat in some way
jamesl22 [3:13 AM] They don't care right now because the space is tiny compared to their own equity
lucky [3:13 AM] Yes exactly James
beerfinger [3:13 AM] i like the idea of leveraging NFC tech as a way to introduce crypto to POS purchases... everyone already has a smart phone so no need to reinvent the wheel... it's basically just an app
lucky [3:13 AM] If finance is going to change politics needs to too
[3:14] Nfc seems like the way. Yeag
[3:14] Lots of the android wallets leverage it
aegisker [3:14 AM] No need for nfc, nfc was kinda overhyped. Qr codes can work equally good
jamesl22 [3:14 AM] @beerfinger I think LN will allow us to achieve that
lucky [3:14 AM] Lol qr
[3:14] Who has ever scanned a qr....
jamesl22 [3:14 AM] We just need a hardware implementation for the reader
beerfinger [3:14 AM] sorry james, what's LN?
lucky [3:14 AM] Apple made sure qr never worked
jamesl22 [3:14 AM] Lightning Network
beerfinger [3:14 AM] ah
aegisker [3:15 AM] If u use your phone, why complicate with nfc, is there a security benefit?
beerfinger [3:15 AM] the infrastructure is there... most readers i come across these days are already NFC compliant
jamesl22 [3:15 AM] QR can work, but requires a high res display in the POS device
[3:15] Which would increase costs
[3:15] NFC is cheap af
lucky [3:16 AM] Yep. Qr is extremely requirement heavy
aegisker [3:16 AM] For example, pub: you get check with qr. U pay with your phone. Waiter sees on his computer that its payed.
lucky [3:16 AM] Look at Asia and south America
[3:16] Nobody can read qr
aegisker [3:17 AM] I europe all checks already have qrs for tax checking
lucky [3:17 AM] I work in global marketing. Qr is completely unadopted in the real world
[3:17] Yes in no public scenario qr is used
aegisker [3:17 AM] Where you from?
lucky [3:17 AM] Uk
[3:19] A decade in marketing I can tell you for sure Joe public doesn't scan qr codes
[3:19] James is right. We need an alternative hardware solution
[3:19] And I think I unique piece of tech in public would drive massive interest
aegisker [3:20 AM] In slovenia, croatia, austria(i tjink) there is law that all transactions in coffeeshops or shops(everything with fiat transaction) is sent to tax authority as soon as check is printed. U get qr code on your check, so you can check if tax s paid for your service. This is to prevent black markets and unauthorized sellers. Works pretty well. If you frequently scan qrs you can get some bonuses..
[3:21] Public got used to this pretty fast.
lucky [3:21 AM] So there's an incentive
aegisker [3:21 AM] So also you could print qr shop wallet addr.
lucky [3:21 AM] Kind of skews the ease of adoption stat we are looking for
aegisker [3:22 AM] Costz nothing
lucky [3:22 AM] Costs a smartphone with a quick camera
[3:22] How about in a dark club
beerfinger [3:23 AM] I came tonight with many questions about Vertcoin. Namely the incentives of the Devs and how it differentiated itself in the marketplace. All of those questions have been answered as best as I could have hoped. The only thing left is figuring out a way to tell that story. @jamesl22, all of the things you've said tonight are reassuring and exciting. They provide great promise for the future of this coin and even more - your goals, if realized, are truly category shifting. This is such a compelling story. TELL IT!
lucky [3:23 AM] Asking every transaction to require an in focus photo capability is insane, imo
aegisker [3:23 AM] uploaded and commented on this image: IMG_20170908_092307.jpg 1 Comment Thats how it looks
lucky [3:23 AM] We need something similar to a contactless debit card
[3:24] Good luck scanning that in the dark with a £100 smartphone. Though.
aegisker [3:24 AM] For starters this is easiest solution for early adoption (edited)
workstation [3:25 AM] why not something short like vCoin. Then u could make it go off V=Vendetta, sort of has a nice mystery, anti establishment
aegisker [3:25 AM] You just need plugin for your pos software that checks your crypto wallet for received funds
[3:26] Imo this is easiest way to implement first public purchases of beer or coffee
beerfinger [3:26 AM] by the way, less is more when it comes to branding
[3:26] look at apple
[3:26] i love this example: YouTube Brant Walsh Microsoft Re-Designs the iPod Packaging
[3:31] and there's always something to be said for ad wars... apple's david vs goliath attack ads vs microsoft is what put them back on the map
[3:31] that could be a great angle for Vertcoin... go after Bitcoin
[3:31] make fun of it the way Jobs poked at Gates
[3:32] that's just my 2 Vertcoins
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Full English Transcript of Gavin's AMA on 8BTC, April 21st. (Part 3)

Part 1
Part 2
Raw transcript on Google Docs (English+Chinese):
Translators/Organizers: emusher, kcbitcoin, nextblast, pangcong, Red Li, WangXiaoMeng. (Ranked in alphabetical order)
34. Lory
Q: What is your relationship with Chainanchor project, or a similar project?
A: I have never heard of Chainanchor until this question. I don’t have any relationships with any projects that are working on digital identity.
35. xraysun
I found out this link:, Gavin, you said: [But even before stepping down as Lead I was starting to wonder if there are ANY successful open source projects that didn't have either a Benevolent Dictator or some clear voting process to resolve disputes that cannot be settled with "rough consensus."]. I think you are quite right. Wladimir’s roll is hard, huge responsibility with unfitting return. However, that’s not the reason for demanding unanimous support for changes to take place, allowing one-vote veto. What’s the different between having Wladimir and a robot then?
My question is: Other than trying to be “decentrilized”, is it also because that you found the leading dev roll with too much responsibility but too little return, so that you gave up your power? After that, realizing the 5-dev-group (the devs with commit access) need to be somehow centralized, have you ever tried to abolish one-vote veto, and change it to a majority rule. If it was changed to majority rule now, we might need another leading dev. Are you willing to lead the development again?
A: I think I am much better at writing and communicating and thinking about ‘the big picture’ than I am at managing and keeping track of hundreds of small details.
People have encouraged me to be “the Linus Torvalds of Bitcoin,” but I looked at what Linus actually does and I don’t think I would be very good at it or enjoy it. He spends a lot of time with the details of pulling in changes to the Linux kernel, and that is the kind of thing a lead developer needs to spend time doing. Wladimir is good at that.
Even if the Core project changed from “overwhelming consensus-- one or two people can veto a change” to “majority rule” I don’t think I want the lead developer role. If there was nobody else to do it, I would return, but I think there are now lots of people who would be good lead developers. Some of them are leading projects like Bitcoin Unlimited or btcd or Bitcoin Classic, and that is great!
36. ls-a
Q: Lots of people say that “Bitcoin is dead”. What’s your opinion on this? Does Bitcoin still have a future?
A: Bitcoin absolutely has a future. It has been declared dead dozens of time, and I am sure it will be declared dead dozens of times more before people get tired of saying that it is dead.
37. redl
Q: Bitcoin has been stably running for seven years, why not the core developers act like Satoshi, just watch it, so as to avoid development centralization?
A: Good developers always want to make things better!
And there are changes that must be made as more people use Bitcoin.
38. Ma_Ya
Q: What’s your opinion on Dogecoin? Is it possible that Dogecoin becomes one of Bitcoin’s sidechains, so that it can helps the traffic on Bitcoin mainchain?
A: I like the 21-million bitcoin limit. I think it makes sense for there to be a limited, predictable supply of money.
So I don’t like altcoins that create even more money; you can think of it as a sneaky way of increasing the 21-million coin limit. If Dogecoin was just a sidechain, without its own currency, then I would like it more.
39. Gladpay
Q: Gavin, what’s your opinion on Ethereum? Any comment on the trend that the industry started to talk about blockchain without mentioning Bitcoin?
A: I answered another question about Ethereum.
As for “we like Blockchain” instead of “we like Bitcoin” : I don’t have a strong opinion about that. I answered another question about private blockchains; I think they make sense for some things, and not for others.
40. frankf
Q: Can you explain why it is not possible to solve the congestion problem by reducing block generation time? Is reducing block generation time the same as increasing blocksize?
A: It would be even more controversial to reduce the block generation time than it is to increase the block size limit. It is technically more difficult to safely reduce the generation time, and would require more changes to more software. In particular, lightweight wallets that just download block headers might have to download many more headers, increasing their bandwidth usage.
41. ZhongBenCong
Q: Hi, Gavin, I‘m curious why you always change your idea in the size of block limit? Why not insist on one hard fork solution? I think you did not think about it carefully on how to increase the limit, what’s your opinion?
A: I have been trying very hard for a long time to find a solution that most people can agree on, and have made just two proposals (BIP101 and BIP109).
I have thought very carefully about how to safely increase the limit. Part of the problem is it can be done in many ways, and it really doesn’t matter which way is chosen-- it is more important that SOMETHING is chosen. Those are the decisions that are the hardest to make, because it is easy for people to have different opinions about what way is best.
42. FengFengZhongXuYaoNi
Q: Sure, I’m gonna ask something other than blocksize and Classic vs. Core. Gavin I just want to ask you a question as an ordinary trader. Do you believe that Bitcoin can serve as a good store of value? Because you said on bitcontalk that Bitcoin cannot become a significant instrument for storing value Do you still think so?
A: That feels like a very long time ago I said that…
I still think that the best store of value is in diversified investments that are investing in people that are working hard to make the world a better place. So the part of my personal savings that is not Bitcoin is mostly invested in diversified stock mutual funds.
Having some of your savings in a very safe investment makes a lot of sense; something like precious metals is probably the safest investment right now.
Hopefully some day Bitcoin will be safer than gold, and it will make sense to hold Bitcoin as part of your “safe from stock market craziness” money. Today, I think it makes sense to hold some Bitcon as part of your “high risk but maybe high future reward” money.
But please don’t invest all of your money in any one thing!
43. ShaSiBiEr
Q: I just want to ask that, Gavin, you have a title “Chief Scientist at the Bitcoin Foundation”, what does it mean? What’s the main responsibility, and who assigned it to you?
A: There was a meeting in Seattle where we created the Foundation. I don’t remember who suggested the “Chief Scientist” title, but it seemed better than the rest of the possible titles we were thinking of.
I am fortunate to have very few responsibilities. I am given the freedom to do what I think will be best for Bitcoin. I tell people I have almost no gray hair (I should have gray hair, I will be 50 years old at the end of the year) because I organize my life so that I do not need to manage people and almost never have to talk with lawyers.
44. pangcong
Q: How did you know Satoshi at the very beginning, did he come to you, or you were attacted by the Bitcoin project and contacted him?
A: I contacted Satoshi on the bitcointalk forums. Here is my first message to him:
Hey Satoshi:
I want to help make Bitcoin a success. I've started by creating, and plan on doing a couple of other small projects like it.
But I think I might be able to help in lots of other ways. I was the chief architect of the VRML 3D-graphics-on-the-web standardization effort (which is STILL a solution in search of a problem, unfortunately), and had the unpleasant experience of taking it through the ISO standardization process.
I've also written a lot of C++ code (I'm very proud of the code I wrote as part of the Open Inventor team at Silicon Graphics), although it's been a while (I've switched to Python).
I'm very curious to hear more about you-- how old are you? Is Satoshi your real name? Do you have a day job? What projects have you been involved with before?
Anyway, Bitcoin is a brilliant idea, and I want to help. What do you need?
-- Gavin Andresen
45. XiaoMaYi
Q: Gavin, last time when you were in Beijing, what did you say in that meeting?
*A: *The first and only time I’ve been in China was the end of last month (March).
The purpose of the trip was to meet with some of the mining pools and miners, to better understand what they are thinking about the block size limit, segregated witness, the halving, and anything else that is an issue right now.
I did not say a lot-- just made clear some technical points about BIP109, and explained what I have been hearing from large and small companies in the West.
46. Satoshi
Q: Gavin, what do you think is the best way to introduce / explain Bitcoin to an average Joe?
A: I usually start by saying that Bitcoin is one of those ideas that sounds crazy when you first hear it. And then I describe it as “money for the Internet, that is designed to be like the Internet-- with no single person or government or company in control.”
Then I let them steer the conversation and ask questions if they are interested. Some people want to talk about what governments think, some people want to know about the technology, some people want to know if they should invest or how easy it is to use… there are lots of things to talk about!
47. QiBuShangTianTang
Q: Gavin, you’re working for bitcoin as a career, is there anyone around try to deride or attact you about what you’re doing? How did you move on and continue your work? What do you think about the current situation of bitcoin development?
*A: *There are always people on the Internet who seem to like attacking other people. I don’t know if it is better or worse with Bitcoin; probably worse, because people care so much about it.
I get many more people thanking me for the work I do on Bitcoin than people attacking me, so usually it is easy to move on and continue my work. I am most hurt when I am attacked by people I have worked with in the past; that is discouraging.
I think overall Bitcoin development is stronger than it has ever been. There are more people contributing, not just to Core but to other projects, and more innovation happening.
But moving from there being just one implementation of the protocol to multiple competing implementations is necessary, but difficult. I wish developers did not see that transition as being some sort of personal attack.
48. kcb
Q: Hi Gavin, SegWig had a PR a couple of days ago, however, the blocksize limit is still 1MB, the amount of transactions can be processed are still the same per block. I really want to know that when we can benefit from SegWig, and when can we actually have blocks that can process more transactions?
A: If everything goes perfectly, we might see a significan number of SegWit transactions in three months. I would guess it will take six months for the miners to adopt segwit and then wallets to start producing segwit transactions, but it could take a year.
Unfortunately, transaction volume was growing more quickly than that, so even if Segwit helps, it will not help quickly enough.
49. ZhongBenCong
Q: Hi Gavin, you said in 2015 that having 1-minute block generation time is a good idea. Do you still believe so? If yes, can you share your strategy on dealing with the security issues and the higher orphan rate?
A: Yes, I still believe Bitcoin would work just fine with a one-minute block generation time.
I don’t think we should change that right now, though, because it would be a big change that requires changing lots of software.
I’m not sure what security issues you are talking about, perhaps you could be more specific.
As for higher orphan rates: if everybody has a higher orphan rate, then that is not a problem (unless orphan rates get very high-- say 5-10% or more). Even worries about larger miners having an advantage at higher orphan rates could be addressed with some protocol changes.
But, again, all of that is a much longer discussion that I don’t think we should have right now. Increasing or eliminating the block size limit is much simpler.
50. BiTeCui
Q: Hi Gavin, how many hours do spend on working every day? Do you still write code nowadays?
*A: *It depends on what you mean by “working” -- does answering email after dinner count?
I try not to work too much; I need to get more exercise, and like to spend time with my family (my children will be going to college in just a few years). I am usually at my office maybe seven hours, five days per week, and on good days I do get to still write code.
Q: Hi, Gavin, how many children do you have? :-D How do you balance between your life and bitcoin?
A: Two children, a girl and a boy, both teenagers. The trick to balancing life and bitcoin is to say “no” a lot (“no, I’m sorry, I cannot speak at your conference in Botswana”).
52. fermi
Q: Hi Gavin, I’m very worried about bitcoin may split to two coins, which is very bad. So I once posted on 8btc to discuss how to prevent bitcoin from splitting in future. Simply put, we just add all different opinions into one wallet, and the network automatically hard fork based on the vote result of the wallet. In this way, there would be no splitting ever happen. Do you think this idea would work out? (See above image as an illustration of the idea)
A: Agreeing how the vote would work would be hard (would transactions vote? For how long? 51% agreement or 75% or 95%?) Only transactions in blocks count as voting? (if not, then somebody could send lots of transactions to vote multiple times) And what if miners decide not to mine transactions that vote for something they disagree with?
53. BiTeCui
Q: Gavin, do you think large institutions wil join in Bitcoin ,like big fund or bank? There are news mentioned about safery regulations and risk factors in bitoin, may they be eliminated? Or will bitcoin be a game for ordinary people forever?
A: If Bitcoin continues to grow, then yes, I think large institutions will start to accept Bitcoin. We have already seen some big technology companies like Microsoft work with Bitcoin.
Most of the risk with Bitcoin is caused by new, immature companies (like Mt. Gox). The risk is smaller today, because larger, more stable, better funded companies with better engineers are involved, and I expect that will continue.
I hope Bitcoin will also be used by ordinary people forever!
54. baowj
Q: What are you most proud of since you've join in Bitcoin development?
A: All of the testing infrastructure that I put into place. My first contribution was the Bitcoin testnet, and if I remember correctly I also put the first unit tests in place and the first regression tests.
55. kcb
Q: Hi Gavin, do you mind further share some insights on why you think Bitcoin cannot replace the fiat system and become a true global currency?
Bitcoin is a better instrument as store of value, it has better liquidity, also better against counterfeiting, and can even truly make people's wealth inviolable to anyone! (no more confiscation and capital control.)
Therefore, Bitcoin obviously is a better currency comparing to fiat. When a better currency appears, people tends to adopt it naturally, and gradually abandon the old currency. (just like how people abandoned shells, when they realized that gold is better form of money with excellent monetary attributes.
*A: * It could eventually replace the fiat system, but I don’t think that will happen in my lifetime. I hope I am wrong about that!
Q: Hi, Gavin, welcome to 8btc!
I am a altlcoin dev ,do you like one or some altcoins? And what do you think of the coins developed by Chinese Teams, like the VPNCoin、Dacrs(SmartCoin)、Antshares or others projects(these are all high light shown on
Have you ever tried to understand such altcoins?
Best Regards!
Your fans
A: I don’t like altcoins that are created just to create more money, because I like the 21-million bitcoin limit.
Altcoins that have some innovative technology in them (like Ethereum or Zerocash) are more interesting, but I would rather they were done as sidechains to the Bitcoin blockchain. I think you should have a very good purpose for creating a new currency, and if you don’t have a good purpose, you should use the Bitcoin currency.
Gavin: Thank you very much for the great questions, and BIG thanks to the translators for their hard work!
kcb: Thank you Gavin!! It’s great to have you here!!
WangXiaoMeng: Thanks a lot Gavin!!!
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2-11-17 update
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The Million Dollar Question

1.)What is going on with my PacCoins at CRYPTOPIA AND YOBIT AND TRADE SATOSHI right now?

LIVE STREAM FROM YESTERDAY - I can't really give better information than Brad Marsh, and I find it unfair to quote him myself when you can watch it here for yourself. Theres Q&A at the end that answered a lot of extra questions. Watch the whole video that might help clear a lot of confusion you have. """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
I wont quote him myself, but Brad gives a bunch of good NEW answers on here
YOBIT - When wallets are down, do not send coins here. Never send any coins to any exchange in wallet maintenance
If you can see your balance, you're fine. You can't move these right now or maybe ever. Due to massive volume, the urge to buy PacCoin literally crippled their whole website and wallet for PacCoin. DO NOT SEND COINS HERE AT ALL.
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Unfortunately I have coins on here too, and there's nothing we can do but wait for Cryptopia to fix their markets and/or work with the DEV team on the coin swap because their big boy wallet is broken.
!::!:!:!This may be like this until they manually do the redemption. In the video, there was a real hardship that was not everyone could be pleased, but all the coins on cryptopia MUST to be swapped unless they fix the wallet, which from my understanding is impossible to repair. The company said they were gonna take the risk out of the sense of LOSS in the case that you sent coins before you were told not to. Things like that!::!:::!:::!
I will say that they did not want this to happen, but they are stepping up to do what they can to fix what they can. They aren't gonna penalize the community for buggy issues out of the users control.

Think about what a huge clean up on isle 5 its gonna be. Its gonna take a lot of work to get done, but I'm confident they'll be successful.


"You have until February 25th to WITHDRAW your coins from your exchange wallet and put them into the new redemption wallet available on
Trade Satoshi are upgrading their platform in anticipation for the new $PAC coin - Old PAC will not be supported after this time."
Source: Trade Satoshi --


You thought I wouldn't personally say something about yobit and cryptopia? Well, I suppose its in the title. If you're that concerned about your yobit coins, just take the advice in the video that Brad said about just holding tight.
In my own words, without quoting him, he got across that
  1. If your coins are stuck on Yobit, the redemption window would be extended - he said it wasn't fair to the investor if their coins are locked up.
  2. You can still sell them for alt currency and buy at tradesatoshi instead.
  3. You can still buy into the RCO at cryptopia, but its way over priced.
I know I understand a lot of you are grieving over all the exchange issues, and if you got something bad to say about it, I understand why. It's frustrating to me and all of you for the price has been going down, and they cant be moved.
We all want to be in control of our assets, and sometimes things go a way we can't control, but I will finish this by saying there is far worse exchange news floating around lately than just cryptopia and yobit wallet issues.
The exchanges have 1,000 coins and people and things to do and communicate with. The harder we prove to them that we are impatient and flood their mail with messages, the longer its gonna take someone to read the same question again. And then answer that question again. When they need some relief and time to focus on what they can.
They aren't doing this on purpose and the last thing they want is another e-mail about how their website stinks. They don't want the problems, but they're kind of stuck with them.
I would only send a TICKET if your transaction says "Processed" and you haven't received from yobit or cryptopia, otherwise all your questions about why the wallets dont look are going to flood over people that are missing coins.
I'm sure out of the two issues, you would rather see the missing coins one solved then if their wallet is gonna work today, tomorrow, or the next, or the next.
Every email is a block in the ledger that needs to be digged away so they can find the emails that stand out that they can actually try to get a case started on.
They have over 161,000 followers alone on twitter. Cryptopia and Yobit, out of the two, I would say I give my respect to Cryptopia first.
Yobit is still working on wallet issues it sucks, but its the truth I personally bought at .0061 and sold for .0085, sent them to Trade satoshi, and bought all of them from .0071 all the way up to .0085, kept the profits and sent to my wallet. If you are that upset about yobit, sell your PAC, buy on Trade Satoshi, or just sit tight.
Theres no penalty for missing the redemption if they are tied up on the account of yobit. If you need to sell for financial purposes, you still can on yobit, so it shouldn't stress you out. The only people that ultimately deserve respect for keeping their cool is the people on Cryptopia for they could never send or receive after the crash.
At this time, I'm going to recommend just getting them into your personal wallet ASAP if you can.
"We recommend that after checking the exchange wallet status that you send only 100 coins as a test before trying to move a large amount." This is Dylan Pln, FACEBOOK MODERATOR suggestion.

2.) Where do I buy PacCoin? Why is this so difficult?

In order to buy PacCoin, I would recommend getting familiar with Bitcoin, Litecoin, or DOGEcoin. ETH is acceptable too. You're gonna need to own these to buy it.
DOGE is especially a good one for this coin, because right now DOGE market is the best price, because .00000001 Bitcoins is still too much to purchase this for right now.
DOGE is like the "Change" In cryptocurrency (for now) and can meet the extremely low price in the markets you will want to purchase in.

3.) What are Exchanges?

Exchanges are places similar to the stock market you would see, but more specific for users, as they aren't hidden behind user interface, like Fidelity or Robinhood.
These exchanges are like driving a manual, vs. driving an automatic car. If you don't know what you're doing you should research on youtube for tutorials.
You're going to send, DOGE, LTC, OR ETH to an exchange and try to buy at the most affordable price NOW, or place a buy order at a cheaper price and fish for a good deal. - try to stick with trade satoshi.
These are going to be the best two places you should buy PacCoin right now. They are the cheapest and if you're using BITCOIN to buy, you are doing it wrong. MOST ASKED QUESTION:

4.) I heard "Blah blah from some unofficial source and is it true?"

This website holds all official news.

5.) What is PacCoin, I still dont get it?
Start by going here and downloading a wallet and talk to PacCoin4Prez on twitter to get started.

6.) Is PacCoin a scam?

No. This is not a scam. It is just the beginning though, and somethings aren't as polished looking as businesses with many seasoned years.

7.) My wallet is not working right.. I can't figure it out.

Start here before asking around, although someone will probably help you.
AFTER YOU GET YOUR WALLET WORKING, BACK UP YOUR WALLET.DAT file by clicking "File" - "Backup wallet" save off your computer in case your hard drive crashes or the file stops opening on your computer.

8.) What happens during the redemption process?

Everyone that I sent 5,000 PacCoins to in their OFFICIAL PACCOIN WALLET, will need to download the new (Much Lighter) wallet. The wallet is scheduled to be released on Feb. 3rd.
I don't want to get into price speculation, but ultimately the idea is that the 5,000 PacCoins you got will turn into 5
PAC, the new coin and the value should stay the same, but the price should increase more reasonably.
In march the official redemption happens. If your coins are on cryptopia, they should be converted into the new PAC for you.

Otherwise, you are going to be sending your coins to PACCOIN.NET with their specific instructions. DO NOT SEND YOUR COINS TO ANYONE ---- ONLY THIS WEBSITE. THERE WILL BE PEOPLE TRYING TO SCAM YOU AT THIS TIME.

9.) Are there any Faucets? YES.


10.) Where will the NEW $PAC be featured.

The coin is guaranteed to be on Cryptopia!
Otherwise this is a complete list of exchanges applied for. It appears devs are taking this seriously, because it isn't free to apply to most exchanges!
Thanks for reading
submitted by PacCoin4Prez to u/PacCoin4Prez [link] [comments]


I just came across Vertcoins and I'm still a little confused. Having a little money invested in Bitcoins (and currently mining Dogecoins) I've been looking for something else to put some stock in. Something that might have some real longevity in it rather than another pump n' dump scheme.
Am I looking in the right place with Vertcoin? I'd love to get my hands on a couple (or even 1!) but I thought i'd get some of /Crytocurrencies opinions in; seeing as you guys have an interest in crypto's as a whole rather and probably less biased than someone who has both eyes fixed on any particular coin.
I'm really interested in how Vertcoin distinguishes itself from Bitcoin/Litecoin and other crypto's. Why does it have any better chance to succeed than any other? I've read into NextCoin and Peercoin and about proof of work vs. proof of stake - But how does Vertcoin stand out from the crowd?
Thanks in advance for any information or direction. I'm genuinely very interested in this! :) I might be a proud Vertcoin owner by the end of day.
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/r/conspiracy Drilldown September 2014

/conspiracy Drilldown

Subreddit Similarity
/worldpolitics 0.23473
/Libertarian 0.19504
/Bad_Cop_No_Donut 0.19002
/UFOs 0.1888
/conspiratard 0.18751
/911truth 0.18541
/POLITIC 0.17161
/undelete 0.17006
/collapse 0.16926
/altnewz 0.16583
/cringepics 0.1439
/woahdude 0.14031
/ImGoingToHellForThis 0.13993
/trees 0.13632
/4chan 0.13603
/TrueReddit 0.1344
/MorbidReality 0.13109
/JusticePorn 0.13104
/EndlessWar 0.12756
/occupywallstreet 0.12607
/offbeat 0.12571
/Psychonaut 0.12177
/cringe 0.12089
/HistoryPorn 0.11975
/facepalm 0.1187
/Bitcoin 0.11581
/environment 0.11561
/DescentIntoTyranny 0.11301
/reactiongifs 0.11246
/rage 0.11182
/Economics 0.10968
/skeptic 0.10958
/AnythingGoesNews 0.10837
/MURICA 0.10674
/Conservative 0.10664
/evolutionReddit 0.10567
/circlejerk 0.10555
/MensRights 0.10511
/changemyview 0.10467
Of 2931 Users Found:
Subreddit Overlapping users
/trees 763
/cringepics 603
/woahdude 532
/worldpolitics 482
/Libertarian 473
/4chan 462
/ImGoingToHellForThis 415
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/JusticePorn 394
/Games 381
/Bad_Cop_No_Donut 380
/reactiongifs 360
/Bitcoin 358
/MorbidReality 357
/TrueReddit 349
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/Android 323
/gameofthrones 320
/HistoryPorn 315
/offbeat 303
/Frugal 299
/circlejerk 294
/facepalm 293
/conspiratard 292
/Drugs 291
/changemyview 291
/promos 288
/nfl 271
/UFOs 270
/TumblrInAction 263
/SubredditDrama 262
/guns 260
/rage 259
/Unexpected 253
/Economics 252
/soccer 252
/MensRights 241
/nsfw 239
/undelete 237
/offmychest 233
/AskHistorians 232
/mildlyinfuriating 224
/YouShouldKnow 223
/Psychonaut 221
/nba 218
/scifi 215
/collapse 210
/interestingasfuck 207
/self 206
/breakingbad 205
/firstworldanarchists 203
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/canada 198
/geek 198
/ 196
/comics 195
/environment 194
/DoesAnybodyElse 194
/TheRedPill 189
/Minecraft 188
/buildapc 188
/AskMen 188
/business 187
/relationships 187
/gentlemanboners 185
/thatHappened 185
/lifehacks 183
/dogecoin 183
/hiphopheads 182
/malefashionadvice 180
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/StarWars 178
/Christianity 178
/whatisthisthing 176
/RealGirls 171
/Conservative 170
/CrazyIdeas 169
/techsupport 169
/Whatcouldgowrong 169
/skyrim 167
/leagueoflegends 166
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/Cooking 127
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/rant 34
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/ffxiv 33
/3DS 33
/AskEngineers 33
/BitcoinMining 33
/youtube 33
/GreatApes 32
/startups 32
/Planetside 32
/worldbuilding 32
/TheBluePill 32
/TrueFilm 32
/nintendo 32
/starcitizen 32
/frugalmalefashion 32
/WildStar 32
/needadvice 32
/dwarffortress 32
/democrats 32
/AskCulinary 32
/StonerPhilosophy 32
/mac 32
/ProRevenge 32
/biology 32
/totalwar 32
/3Dprinting 32
/singularity 32
/medicine 32
/stocks 32
/Naruto 32
/vexillology 32
/CannabisExtracts 31
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/NSALeaks 31
/propaganda 31
/DestructionPorn 31
/olympics 31
/Cynicalbrit 31
/RealEstate 31
/calvinandhobbes 31
/IndieGaming 31
/DCcomics 31
/newreddits 31
/MechanicalKeyboards 31
/Tinder 31
/TalesFromYourServer 31
/DnD 31
/finance 31
/applehelp 31
/whitepeoplegifs 31
/RBI 31
/Advice 31
/Patriots 31
/Boxing 31
/ginger 31
/educationalgifs 31
/urbanexploration 31
/Hunting 31
/ar15 31
/trailerparkboys 30
/beermoney 30
/electronics 30
/EDM 30
/buildapcsales 30
/Anticonsumption 30
/starbound 30
/pathofexile 30
/ImaginaryLandscapes 30
/PenmanshipPorn 30
/punk 30
/leaves 30
/WouldYouRather 30
/chrome 30
/tipofmypenis 30
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[SG] Selling over 500 Steam games (keys)


Welcome to my Steam Dogecoin store.

I'm selling a few games and various inventory items.

Simply message me here or add me on Steam and we can get started!
Quite a lot of my game stock isn't available due to time restrictions so if you want a game let me know and i'll get back to you if I have it.
Here's a link my Steam inventory
Game name Price (Doge) Stock Has Cards
The Deer 250 20 Yes
$1 Ride 250 5 Yes
1,000 Heads Among the Trees 250 5 Yes
12 Labours of Hercules II: The Cretan Bull 625 1 Yes
3D Tower 500 4 No
A Land Fit For Heroes 525 4 No
A Long Road Home 375 1 Yes
A Trip to Yugoslavia: Director s Cut 525 5 Yes
A Week of Circus Terror 500 1 No
AI: Rampage 225 4 No
ANKI 375 1 Yes
ASMR Universe 200 4 Yes
Ablepsia 625 1 No
Abrix for kids 500 1 Yes
Abrix the robot 500 3 Yes
Absoloot 625 4 Yes
Abstract Arena 500 3 No
Achievement Hunter: Begins 475 3 No
Across The Moment 425 4 Yes
Adventure Rage 400 4 No
Adventures On The Polluted Islands 400 1 Yes
Adventures of Abrix 525 5 Yes
Akihabara - Feel the Rhythm 600 2 Yes
Alchemy Mysteries: Prague Legends 500 5 Yes
Alien Hallway 525 1 No
Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded 550 1 No
Alien Shooter: Revisited 425 1 No
All Evil Night 425 4 No
Among the Heavens 500 4 Yes
Ampu-Tea 375 1 Yes
Andoran Skye XD 325 3 No
Apartment 666 500 5 Yes
Apocalypse: The Game 450 1 No
Apokalypsis 500 3 Yes
Approaching Blocks 425 3 Yes
Archangel 425 2 No
Arkhelom 3D 400 5 No
Art of Guile 400 4 No
Attack Of Insects 475 2 No
Attempt[42] 500 2 Yes
Aztecalypse 200 5 Yes
BALLOON Saga 525 5 Yes
Ballistick 175 5 Yes
Baobabs Mausoleum 450 4 No
Battle of Painters 400 1 No
BattleTime 425 2 Yes
Bayou Island - Point and Click Adventure 525 2 No
Behind The Door 375 4 No
Big Journey to Home 575 5 Yes
Bitcoin Clicker 525 2 Yes
Bloodbath Kavkaz 525 1 Yes
Bomb Defense 425 3 No
BomberZone 500 2 Yes
BoomTown! Deluxe 425 5 No
Botology 425 3 Yes
Breakout Invaders 400 4 No
Broken Dreams 250 5 Yes
Bullet Life 2010 325 4 No
Bumper 450 2 Yes
Bunker 58 425 4 Yes
Bunnyrama 550 5 Yes
Burst 325 2 Yes
CT Special Forces: Fire for Effect 200 3 No
Call Of The Mighty Warriors 525 1 Yes
Captain Backwater 425 2 No
Captain Lycop : Invasion of the Heters 500 2 Yes
Car Washer: Summer of the Ninja 600 5 Yes
Castle 425 2 Yes
Castle Werewolf 3D 450 5 Yes
Catch a Falling Star 625 5 Yes
Caves! 425 3 Yes
Chaos and the White Robot 525 4 No
City Siege: Faction Island 525 3 No
Clockwise 550 1 Yes
Cobi Treasure Deluxe 350 2 No
Collider 200 2 No
Colorless Life 425 3 No
Cooking Witch 400 1 Yes
Copter and Sky 425 5 No
Cosmic Dust and Rust 300 2 Yes
Countless Rooms of Death 600 1 Yes
Cowboy zombie 475 1 Yes
Crazy Buggy Racing 500 3 Yes
Creature Clicker - Capture, Train, Ascend! 475 1 Yes
Crystals of Time 450 1 Yes
Cube Master: Light Adventure (russian only) 200 1 Yes
Cubesis 600 1 No
Cubic 200 4 Yes
Cublast HD 375 3 Yes
Cubotrox 525 5 Yes
Cubway 525 3 Yes
DGU: Death God University 375 4 No
Dark Raid 625 4 No
Dark Shadows - Army of Evil 500 3 Yes
Darkness Ahead 600 2 Yes
Darkness Assault 550 4 Yes
Darkness and a Crowd 400 1 No
De-Void 275 4 Yes
Dead6hot 250 2 Yes
Deep Fear 475 4 Yes
Deep Space Dash 200 5 Yes
Defence to death 250 2 Yes
Defense of Roman Britain 425 4 No
Demon Horde Master 475 1 Yes
DepthMera 400 3 No
Desert Thunder 225 1 No
Desolate Wastes: Vendor Chronicles 425 2 Yes
Dino Run DX 475 2 Yes
Distorted Reality 500 1 No
Door to Door 250 5 Yes
Dots eXtreme 500 3 Yes
Doug and Lily 425 2 Yes
Dracula s Legacy 525 2 Yes
Drayt Empire 450 2 Yes
Dream Dealer 450 5 Yes
Drift (Over) Drive 300 2 No
Drive Megapolis 275 3 Yes
Duckles: the Jigsaw Witch 325 2 Yes
Dwarflings 500 1 Yes
Eaten Alive 200 5 Yes
Elements II: Hearts of Light 525 4 Yes
Elems 425 4 Yes
Elly The Jelly 525 5 No
Elysium: Blood Games 425 5 Yes
Epic Showdown 225 2 No
Epsilon corp. 275 5 Yes
Eron 400 2 No
Escape From BioStation 425 3 Yes
Escape Machines 250 5 Yes
Escape from here 475 1 Yes
Eternal Maze 525 2 No
Eurofighter Typhoon 200 3 No
Existentia 325 5 Yes
Fable Rush 475 2 No
Fairyland: Fairy Power 500 2 Yes
Fairyland: Incursion 500 3 Yes
Fall of Civilization 400 1 Yes
Family cobweb 375 2 Yes
Far Space Halloween edition 475 5 No
Far Space VR 450 5 Yes
Felix Jumpman 525 3 Yes
Final Quest 425 2 Yes
Final Quest II 175 2 Yes
Finnish Roller 325 4 Yes
Fjong 400 1 No
Fluffy 500 1 Yes
Fly Destroyer 400 2 No
Frankenstein: Master of Death 550 2 Yes
FreeFly Burning 275 2 Yes
Freebie 325 3 Yes
FrightShow Fighter 475 2 No
Fruit Sudoku 475 5 Yes
Fruit Sudoku 3 525 5 No
GEARGUNS Tank offensive 500 5 Yes
Gal-X-E 325 3 Yes
Galactic Fighter 500 2 Yes
Galaxy Admirals 550 3 Yes
Game Tycoon 2 275 3 Yes
Gamma Bros 1.5 350 1 No
Gelu 500 5 No
Gem Monster 525 1 Yes
Germ Wars 275 1 Yes
Glacier 3: The Meltdown 200 5 No
Glass Masquerade 425 3 Yes
Glass Wing 350 5 No
Glorkian Warrior: The Trials Of Glork 500 5 Yes
Glow 475 4 No
Go Mission: Space Travel 200 2 Yes
Gold Rush In The Oort Cloud 425 5 No
Golden Swords 650 4 Yes
GooCubelets 325 4 Yes
Goro 475 3 No
Grand Pigeon s Duty 500 2 Yes
Grass Cutter 450 2 Yes
Greedy Trolley 400 4 No
Green Game: TimeSwapper 525 4 No
Grind Zones 550 3 Yes
Guardian s Oath 400 2 No
Guide The Ball 425 4 No
Gunman Taco Truck 425 2 No
Guns n Zombies 400 5 Yes
Hacker Evolution Duality 500 4 No
Hacker Evolution: Untold 500 4 Yes
Hacker Series 475 3 No
HardBall 425 5 No
HardCube 500 1 Yes
Hardcore Survival 475 3 Yes
Hardcore ZBoy 550 1 No
Heavy Destinies 400 1 No
Hell s Little Story 400 2 Yes
Hero Quest: Tower Conflict 250 2 Yes
Heroes of Dark Dungeon 450 4 Yes
Heroic Dungeon 475 3 No
Hidden Object - Sweet Home 475 3 No
Hope in Hell 375 3 No
Hover Hazard 575 3 Yes
Hyper Bounce Blast 300 1 Yes
Hyper Box 525 4 No
Hyper Fighters 225 4 No
Hyper color ball 325 5 Yes
Immune - True Survival 425 4 Yes
Inferno Puzzle 250 2 No
Infinitum 525 3 Yes
Intralism 425 1 Yes
Invasion 525 4 Yes
Invasion: Brain Craving 300 4 Yes
Invention 475 3 Yes
Invisibox 475 2 Yes
Ionball 2: Ionstorm 325 4 Yes
Iron Sky: Invasion 525 3 Yes
Itineris 500 5 Yes
Izanami s Dream Battle 300 4 No
Jack Orlando: Director s Cut 450 1 Yes
Jagged Alliance 2 - Wildfire 450 4 Yes
Janken Cards 475 3 No
Jet Buster 425 3 Yes
Jet Racing Extreme 425 4 Yes
Joana s Life 500 2 No
Job the Leprechaun 350 5 Yes
Johnny Graves—The Unchosen One 525 2 No
Joy Pony 350 5 No
Judgement 400 3 No
Jump Like A Pirate 500 3 Yes
Jupiteration 400 1 No
Kabitis 200 3 Yes
Karma Miwa 625 2 Yes
Kivi, Toilet and Shotgun 200 1 Yes
Knife Battles 500 4 Yes
Krampus 350 4 Yes
Kronos 400 2 No
LA soul 375 5 No
LUXIS 525 3 Yes
Labyrinth Escape 500 5 No
Laraan 300 4 Yes
Last Horizon 450 4 No
Last Soldier 350 1 No
Leashed Soul 350 4 Yes
Let s Draw 275 2 Yes
Life Beetle 500 1 Yes
Linked 500 4 Yes
Locked-in syndrome 425 5 Yes
Loot Hero DX 525 5 Yes
Lost In Woods 2 525 4 Yes
Lost Moon 625 3 Yes
Love is Blind: Mutants 475 5 Yes
Lucid 400 4 No
M1: A Death in the Desert 450 2 No
MAZ! 425 5 No
MAZE LORD 500 2 Yes
MY FIGHT 525 1 Yes
Mad Nords: Probably an Epic Quest 500 4 Yes
Magdalena 650 2 Yes
Magma Tsunami 475 2 Yes
Malavision: The Origin 375 2 Yes
Marine Sharpshooter II: Jungle Warfare 375 1 No
Mars Industries 625 5 Yes
Masha Rescues Grandma 525 5 Yes
Match 3 Revolution 400 3 No
Mech Ace Combat - Trainer Edition 450 3 No
Megapolis 475 1 Yes
Merlin adventurer store 450 4 Yes
Midnight Carnival 175 3 Yes
Milford Heaven - Luken s Chronicles 575 5 Yes
Mission: Wolf 525 5 Yes
Mondrian - Abstraction in Beauty 500 4 Yes
Monster Puzzle 325 5 Yes
Morphine 300 5 Yes
Mortifero Motus 550 1 Yes
Mover 450 5 No
Mystery Mine 475 5 Yes
NakedMan VS The Clothes 500 5 No
Nash Racing 650 5 Yes
NeoBoom 250 2 Yes
NeonGalaxy Wars 650 1 No
New kind of adventure 425 2 Yes
Nightork Adventures 450 2 Yes
Nightork Adventures 2 - Legacy of Chaos 425 2 No
No Way Out 525 5 Yes
Not without my donuts 650 3 Yes
Numba Deluxe 450 4 No
Nyctophobia 575 1 Yes
O! STRELALKA!!! 450 3 No
ORBITAL 325 4 Yes
Odd Even 375 4 Yes
Office Battle 450 1 Yes
One Star 525 2 Yes
OneScreen Wagons 475 2 No
Other Tanks 500 4 Yes
Our Wonderful World 625 5 Yes
Out for blood 475 3 No
Overhell 400 5 Yes
PARSE 500 1 No
PIRATADO 1 400 2 No
PLAYERUNKN4WN: Zombie 450 4 No
Paddle Battle 500 4 No
Painted Memories 500 3 Yes
Paradigm Shift 450 2 No
Perfect Fit - Totemland 450 2 Yes
Phobia 575 5 No
Photon Flux 425 5 Yes
Pills4Skills 600 1 Yes
Ping 425 2 No
Pixel War 600 4 No
Plantera 500 5 Yes
Police: Destruction Street 550 3 Yes
Potatoman Seeks the Troof 375 4 Yes
Power of Love 450 4 Yes
Pressured 375 3 Yes
Princess.Loot.Pixel.Again 575 3 Yes
Project Abyss 400 5 Yes
Project Druid - 2D Labyrinth Explorer- 100 3 No
Project RPG 475 3 Yes
Project Starship 275 2 Yes
PulseCharge 275 5 Yes
Pure Mind 425 4 No
Puzzle Ball 325 4 Yes
Puzzle Galaxies 275 1 Yes
Puzzle Station 15th Anniversary Retro Release 100 3 No
Q.U.I.R.K. 525 3 No
RFLEX 525 3 No
ROMBY 550 1 No
ROTii 525 3 Yes
Rabiez: Epidemic 200 5 No
Radical Spectrum: Volume 1 575 3 Yes
Real 1942 400 5 No
Recovery Search and Rescue Simulation 475 4 No
Red Number: Prologue 350 1 No
Redemption: Saints And Sinners 375 4 Yes
Reflecting Fate 450 1 No
Remnants of a Beautiful Day 475 3 Yes
Remnants of a Beautiful Day (2012) 450 1 No
Reset 1-1 375 3 Yes
Rest House 425 5 No
Retro Space Shooter 525 5 No
Rhythm Destruction 500 4 Yes
Riaaf The Spider 500 2 No
Rich life simulator VR 500 1 No
Ringies 350 1 No
Robo Do It 625 1 Yes
Robo-orders 525 3 Yes
Romopolis 650 5 Yes
Rover Rescue 400 3 No
Run Away 425 4 Yes
Ruthless Safari 425 4 Yes
SQR 2 425 4 No
SUDOKU 400 1 No
Salvation in Corruption 475 1 No
Sandstorm 525 2 Yes
Save Home 450 2 Yes
Seek Not a Lighthouse 525 2 No
Septic Savages 550 2 No
Shadows 2: Perfidia 500 1 Yes
Shape Shifter 250 2 Yes
Shift 475 4 Yes
Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe 425 5 Yes
Singularity Roller 425 5 No
Sinister City 625 3 Yes
Six Sides of the World 525 3 Yes
Sky Jump 375 3 No
Smithy 575 3 Yes
Snail Bob 2: Tiny Troubles 375 1 Yes
Snik 550 2 Yes
Snowball! 350 3 No
Snowman 550 5 Yes
So Many Cubes 225 4 No
Solaright 425 4 No
Solarix 250 1 Yes
Space Beret 250 3 Yes
Space Chaos 525 5 No
Space Hit 425 1 No
Space Incident 500 1 Yes
Space of Darkness 425 1 No
Spacecraft 375 4 Yes
Spectrubes 625 5 Yes
Spheroid 450 3 No
Spikit 275 3 Yes
Square n Fair 575 1 Yes
Star Drifter 450 2 Yes
Star Fields 500 3 Yes
Star Merc 400 4 Yes
StarFence: Heroic Edition 100 5 No
StarFringe: Adversus 100 1 No
Stars Simulation 500 1 Yes
Starving 525 4 Yes
State of Anarchy 275 3 Yes
Steel Punk Ball 450 5 No
Stone Age Wars 525 4 Yes
Story of the Survivor : Prisoner 425 4 No
Strange Things 375 2 No
Super Duper Flying Genocide 2017 625 2 Yes
Super Hardcore 200 5 No
Super Mega Neo Pug 200 3 Yes
Super Space Pug 600 4 Yes
Super Switch 350 2 No
Surfasaurus 500 3 Yes
Survival Tycoon 525 2 No
Survival driver 2: Heavy vehicles 575 4 No
Surviving in the forest 525 3 Yes
SweatShop 475 2 Yes
TILE 425 4 No
TacoFace 550 1 No
Take Thy Throne 275 5 Yes
TangramsVR 600 4 No
Tank Assault X 500 3 Yes
Tank Blast 475 3 Yes
Tap Heroes 400 1 Yes
Tarim 275 4 No
Taxi 425 5 No
Tenrow 625 5 Yes
The Agony 525 1 Yes
The Big Elk 450 4 Yes
The Deer 200 3 Yes
The God Paradox 475 4 No
The Housewife 500 4 Yes
The I of the Dragon 350 1 Yes
The Interview 475 1 No
The Journey: Bob s Story 425 3 Yes
The Last Error 500 2 Yes
The Last Hope 425 3 Yes
The Last Mission 400 3 No
The Magical Silence 500 4 Yes
The Moon Night 350 2 Yes
The Oil Blue: Steam Legacy Edition 525 1 No
The Orb Chambers 525 2 Yes
The Prism 425 4 No
The Quest for Achievements II 475 4 No
The Return Home 475 3 Yes
The Spirit Underneath 450 1 Yes
The Thirst of Hearts 375 2 Yes
The Village 475 1 No
The face of hope: Underground 450 1 Yes
The guard of dungeon 550 3 Yes
Three Digits 400 4 Yes
Timbertales 600 3 No
To Ash 400 5 Yes
Tompi Jones 400 5 No
Top Hat 450 2 No
Town of Night 250 1 Yes
Triangle 600 1 Yes
Triple Otakus Puzzle 375 4 No
Trolley Gold 575 3 Yes
Trouble In The Manor 625 2 Yes
Truffle Saga 100 5 No
Turbo Pug 3D 300 1 Yes
Turbo Pug DX 325 4 Yes
Two Digits 425 3 Yes
Undead Hunter 425 5 Yes
Unearthing Colossal 425 4 Yes
Unforgiving Trials: The Darkest Crusade 325 5 Yes
Unforgiving Trials: The Space Crusade 300 3 Yes
Unite Cell 425 2 No
Universe in Fire 375 1 Yes
Unknown Pharaoh 425 4 No
Uriel s Chasm 425 4 Yes
VITATIO 2 500 2 Yes
VR Snowballs 375 5 No
Visitors: Marine Invasion 450 4 No
War Cube 425 2 Yes
War on Folvos 475 1 No
Warriors of Vilvatikta 325 5 Yes
Way of Hero 625 2 Yes
Way to Go! 450 2 No
Western FPS 550 2 Yes
Winter Novel 600 2 Yes
Woodlands 475 4 No
Word Killer: Revolution 650 4 Yes
Word Killer: Zorgilonian Chronicles 550 5 Yes
Xbird 500 2 Yes
Zamarian 625 3 No
Zeus Quest Remastered 575 1 Yes
Zombie Shooter 450 3 No
ZombieCarz 425 3 Yes
Zotrix 1500 5 Yes
Zpeciation: Tough Days (TD) 325 4 Yes
dead_file.exe 425 5 No
rooMaze 500 1 Yes
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